Wednesday, 10 July 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 4 in Review

Hey All,
I hope yer all enjoying the beautiful weather that we've been having lately J
I’ll try to keep this post short.. My week started well, I was down 2lbs on the scales and down 12.5 inches from me wobbly bits.

Monday nights circuit class was good, you could feel that the intensity level has gone up, it was  tougher work out that we normally do on a Monday, but a good one none the less J

Tuesday night I decided that I wanted a night off from exercise, so we went to see Despicable me 2, it was BRILLIANT, haven’t enjoyed a film so much in a long time and it even inspired some nail art from me.. It also saw me having ice cream and carmel nibbles, yum yum.

Wednesday evening is the class I dread the most, but the one that gets me to work the hardest. At the end Drill Sargent Keith even commented that he could see a big difference in our fitness levels and said there was a lot less moaning and hesitating in us during the class, so that’s all really positive. I did find that I stopped a lot less for water breaks, so he may be onto something J

I slept badly Wednesday evening and turned in my sleep and something clicked in my right shoulder! I was very sore on Thursday, not sure if I was lifting the weight wrong in class and that’s why my neck clicked or if it was some a restless sleep! Either way. Ouch!
Thursday evening I went for a stroll in the sunshine to try and ease the neck pain!!!
Friday, I took as a rest day from exercise and I was careful with my foods, I was still aware of what I’d eaten on Tuesday, so food was great for me Weds, Thurs + Fri.
I had booked myself a Boot camp class for Saturday morning ,(unheard of for me, I luv me sleep) It was Drill Sargent Keith taking the class, so I knew it would be a good work out for me J
Unfortunately while we were using the weight bar to do tricep and bicep work I felt my left shoulder pull, I didn’t think much of it and worked through it, however the next exercise was push ups, stopping after each one to high five your partner. When I lifted my right hand to high five, my left arm wouldn’t support my body and I feel down hard, I couldn’t finished the push up’s.
I tried to shake off the niggley feeling but my left neck/shoulder/back was sore and my arm was feeling kinda pins and needlely!!  I did try to continue with the class, but after another 10 mins, Keith sent me home to ice it.. even driving home was a struggle with the gears!!

 This a trigger for me of the “poor me” variety, I iced it, had a shower, took some pain killers, more ice! It was a scorcher outside and I wanted to be out enjoying it, so the boy took me to Cobh for a stroll and an ice cream, then we went for dinner, I opted for the warm chicken salad over the burger stuffed with pudding (how yum does that sound?) and ate most of his chips too.
This was only the start of my eating!! We went home for tea and more ice and painkillers and I ate junk for the next 3 hours, I was trying to put myself into a sugar coma to ease the pain!! It didn't work I can tell you!!!
The painkillers helped me to sleep on Saturday night, which was a relief. On Sunday it was my best friends babies christening.  It was a glorious day, so we sat outside all day, no umbrella to shade us!
I didn’t drink alcohol (evening tho it probably would have been better than the painkillers) I enjoyed the finger food and the christening cake. We left at 6 to go to see a friend of ours that plays in a band, stopped in Abra for dinner on the way (Cajun chicken kebab & chips) Got home around 9pm for more painkillers and tea and chocolate!!

Are these posts becoming very repetitive? Its amazing how I can be good Mon- Fri but come the weekend I become a bottomless pit and have to eat and I ALWAYS find a fantastic excuse to eat junk!!

So although I started the week with good intentions of wanting to try harder, I had a wobble on Tuesday evening and after my injury on Sat morning all bets were off!!

So again I was dreading facing the scales for my second last weigh in! I see a theme for me running though these posts!!
I was UP 4 POUNDS!!   Onwards and upwards and all that jazz eh!!!

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4 = -2
Week 5 = +4
Week 6

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  1. Agh shite, I feel awful for you because you did exactly what I would have done, look - there's no point in beating yourself up about it, but put it behind you and move on. I hope your arm feels better, but if it doesn't, find some way of exercising that doesn't put pressure on it. You can do it Vicki, don't give up xxx

  2. You have described my kind of behavour to a tea.
    I am really good Mon-Fri but come 9pm on Friday night it's like a switch flips and I eat all sorts of junk without even thinking.
    I had managed to lose the 4lbs I put up on holidays a few weeks ago but then last weekend I went to Clare for my uncles 80th and put back on 3lbs. But onwards and downwards, you are not on your own but we just have to keep trying.