Friday, 5 July 2013

DISCIPABLE ME - Minion Nail Art

Hey Guys,

After going to see the new film on Tuesday night, I knew that I had to have an attempt at making my own lil Minion Nail Art, then Sharon over at Behind Green Eyes did a post during the week showing her nail art and I was excited and inspired (check it out here)

I really enjoyed the film, haven't laughed so much in ages and the Minions having names and costumes, just added to it, I thought, they made it for me.. the cute and funny little yellow people...
All I will say about this film is go and see it, I promise you its hiliarious

So here is my attempt at the minions..

DISCIPABLE ME - Minion Nail Art

Minion Nail Art

If you've seen the film , then you'll understand why I included a purple minion ;) Isn't he cute, I was attempting scary! haha.... oops

I must own up and tell you too that for the first time ever, my hands dont match! I only done the nail art on my left hand! my right hand is painted yellow and purple and ready to be minion-ised, but I got tired and lazy!
So there you have it, my secret's out!!! Phew, I do always try to have them the same, the right is never as nice as the left but I like the symmetry of it and it looks better to have matching colours and designs!!!
I'll add it to my "Must Try Harder" list

What I used in picture form

YELLOW - NYC 294 Lexington Yellow
BLUE - Catrice - 400 Blue Cara Ciao
PURPLE - Simple Pleasures - Rhinestone "Happy Halloween" Nail Polish
GREY - No.7 Stay Perfect - Grey Skies
BLACK - Nail Art Pen
WHITE - Nail Art Pen
Dotting Tools,
Nail Art Brushes,
Top Coat - Seche Vite

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  1. They're deadly, I love the purple one! My hands rarely match ;-) Still haven't seen the film, really looking forward to seeing it!