Monday, 15 July 2013

My Scooby Doo copycat nails!

I'm a copycat, I'll put my hands up and say it, but that's how you learn right? you see something on someone else, be it a dress, shoes, scarf, lipstick and you think "I'd want to try that, I wonder where they got it" "It must be mine"
Well when I saw this nail art guest post last week by Sharon from Behind Green Eyes, it stayed with me and when the following evening it was time to paint my nails, I was automatically pulling out the bits from this post to replicate it :)

The instructions from the post were clear as they always are when Sharon is instructing, and these were pretty easy to replicate, the only thing you need is patience while you wait for the different colours to dry.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these nails, I love how the colours work together, how the lines are almost crisp and sharp (I'll keep practicing) When I look at them I think of Scooby Doo :) I can't explain really why I love these so much, but I just do, its just one of those things I guess. I instantly loved it and was very sad when they started to chip (after 3 days) its defo a colour combo that I'll use again.

I also noticed that my gym is painted in these shades too... lol.. tis a popular combo :)

What I used
Avon - Don't be Jaded
Models Own- Purple Pukka
Essence french tip liners
Seche Vite Top Coat



  1. Come do my nails! I am a total disaster, one hand looks good (left) but then when I come to do the right I manage to blot it everywhere.

    Totally going to get my nails done when I'm paid this time....can't flipping wait!

    1. Its defo a nice treat, my problem is I get bored of them in 2/3 days... so its all practise.. I find one hand is ALWAYS better than the other!!

  2. Such a gorgeous colour combination, it looks so nice! x