Wednesday 31 July 2013

6 week Challenge/Course Photos - Before & After

Hey Guys,

I'm so sorry! I know I promised you these photos would be up last week, but I got lazy about water marking and editing, blah blah blah..

So I've given ye the review and my results last week, you can read about them here if you missed it 

So here you go, lots photo's of me in Lycra!! from 4 different angles!! YIKES


Inches                   Week 1                 Week 6                 Total Lost
Chest                    43.5                        41.5                        2 inches
Waist                    47                           40                           7 inches              
Hips                       48                           46                           2 inches
R Thigh                 27                           24                           3 inches
R Calf                    17.5                        14                           3.5 inches
R Arm                    14                           14                           0

Inches lost in total: 17.5 inches

Weight lost in total: 5.5lbs

Body Fat % has gone from 34% to 32%


Looking at these photos I should maybe start to take them with me in a different colour top or something!! Next month I'll wear something different (if I remember)

I'm taking a break from me blogging my weekly weigh in's BUT I am still weighing in and eating good, so I will be back to blogging soon I promise...

If you are in Cork City and are looking for a new challenge/ class, then I would definitely recommend Pulse Fitness Studios, the details of the course are in this post from when I started my challenge (click here


Pulse Fitness Studio
Unit 1A
Mayfield Business Park
085 1322843


  1. Ah congrats on all your hard work!

  2. Losing all those inches is some hard work! Your doing fabulous! You look great! Keep up your hard work!!!!

  3. Good woman - that is actually v motivating. After being in the states and that i need to get back to something, wondering if I should do a bootcamp to shock my body into doing something and then just reduce activity. Measurements are very impressive, you should be extremely happy.

  4. You look like your making great progress. Keep working hard and I am sure you will see great results