Monday, 6 October 2014

12 weeks to Christmas Challenge

Last Thursday The Skinny Doll announced her last challenge of the year. (where has this year gone)

12 weeks to Christmas. Check it out here, and just think about it.. in 12 weeks time you could be buying that amazing sparkly dress for your Christmas party in a smaller size....




I will definitely be participating in this and I'm looking forward to it..

Have you set yourself a mini goal for Christmas? If you haven't yet, than maybe this is the challenge you've been waiting for...

**Images from Google Images**


  1. Love the "drop a dress size challenge"! I am upping it and going for two dress sizes. (Aiming for the stars lol). I a second goal which supports that is no takeaway (other than Sushi, Salad, or Subway) until after Christmas! May the scale fairy be kind to us both,

  2. Yep, I'm in - I love The Skinny Doll challenges but as usual on week 1 I've already rebelled against myself so I've meal-planned for the next 2 weeks and hopefully we can all see results :)