Monday, 20 October 2014

Poor Sick me & Weigh In Week 2

After last weeks weigh in, I was totally deflated to be honest with you, I'd felt that I'd had a good week and the scales sadly didn't reflect this. instead of this spurring me onto do better, it peed me off and made me want to binge, cuz at least I could tell you why I was up if I was eating shit!!!

I mentioned last week that I wasn't feeling great (is everyone affected by this crazy weather or just me?)
Last Saturday I woke up and my head cold had taken over!! I was a snotty mess to put it nicely!!

So healthy eating went out the window and I was craving all the comfort food, sugar and hot tea that I could get my paws on!! I thought it would be a 24 hour type things and the worst would pass and I would get back to "normal" ASAP..

WRONG.. I went to work on Monday, got sent home, went to bed, every time I would blow by nose (which was a lot by the way) the room would spin, not good!! So I stayed home from work on Tuesday, slept and stayed wrapped up on the couch all day long sipping Lemsips & eating rubbish (my cold insisted)

I went back to work on Wednesday and was starting to feel better, I also ate well at work, which was progress... baby steps, but progress non the less...

HOWEVER, the little devil that lives in the back of my brain was whispering in my ear "have something nice tonight, sure you'll be up anyways, so might aswell have something nice now.. go on..." So the boy was sent to the garage to buy me a creamy car and chocolate.

I'm not proud of my behavior, nor am I condoning it.. I'm just telling ye what happened!! This was my week and this is my truth!!

So I went to group on Thursday night, expecting a gain because lets face it, I deserved it...

I was up 0.5lbs.. Is it awful that I was happy with this? I don't know how it wasn't a whole lot more.

So I'm back to good and in much better health (although if someone would like to give me a nose replacement, that would be great or shares in Tempo)

I know that if I don't cop on now again than this blog will just become confession posts of an over eater, rather than my diary/ struggles to loose me wobbly bits.

I am aiming to be down 4lbs this Thurs to make up for my 2lb gain in the last 2 weeks.

Do you find it difficult to get back on the wagon after a week off plan/ being sick?

I'm feeling determined

Weight lost to date: 4.0lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

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