Friday, 24 October 2014

My Guilty Pleasure & Weigh In Week 3

Weigh Day

For those of you that follow me on Instagram and Twitter, ye already know this weeks weigh in result.
I was down 1.5lbs, not the 4lbs I was aiming for, but a loss none the less, my group leader Fiona, has been away for the last 2 weeks and the lovely Sam has been running the group (she's fab by the way) but i'm a bit iffy about using someone elses scales.. (I'm I being silly?)

My Facebook page sadly has been neglected these last few months!!! Instagram is my obsession at the moment, because everything Slimming World is on it, and me being such a nosey Ned, I love that I get to see what everyone is eating and loosing. I know this doesn't appeal to everyone, but I do enjoy sitting down after my own dinner, posting  a photo of it and seeing what everyone else ate.. #GuiltyPleasure

If your looking for some motivation and inspiration this week, get on over to The Skinny Dolls blog and read about Verette' s story here. An amazing lady with an amazing story

Hope you had a good week, picture that dress that you have picked out for the Christmas party and keep making healthy choices so that you'll look and feel fab in it :)

Visualize THAT Christmas Dress

Weight lost to date: 5.5.0lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)


  1. Well done Vicki! I love looking at people's food pics too!!

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