Friday, 8 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 1 - Jan 2016

Happy New Year, I’ve decided to keep a daily diary, which I will post weekly, just for the month of January to get me into a nice routine and update ye on my progress…

I started on  Monday 4th Jan (well I couldn’t start on a Friday could I? heehee),

My first weigh in of the year was on Thursday 7th  but regardless I started and after Thursday it will be all downwards on the scales.

Everything I eat I post daily on my Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat if you want to see what I’m stuffing my face with (because being hungry isn’t an option for me.)

This is a lifestyle change, so these good eating habits I plan on keeping, as I say good bye to my extra pounds and wobbly bits

Here’s how my first few days went…..

Monday 4th Jan 2016 –DAY 1
Feeling positive, motivated and looking forward to eating fruit and veg!!!! This is the typical first day buzz!
I could write all my good intentions here today, but you’ve heard it all before, so we’ll keep moving……
3  litres of Water, 45 minutes on a Spinning bike & ended the day on 5 syns  (see first day over achiever)

Tuesday 5th Jan 2016 – DAY 2
Feeling hungry & cold today but still determined and motivated.
Does taking down the Christmas decorations and cleaning the house count as exercise??
2.5  litres of Water & ended the day on 10.5 syns

Wednesday 6th Jan 2016 – DAY 3
Still feeling the cold, hope I’m not coming down with something!! Also need to get used to my new routine of running to the loo every time the news comes on the radio… counts as exercise though doesn’t it!!
2.5  litres of Water & ended the day on 12syns

Thursday 7th Jan 2016 – DAY 4
Have a slight headache and still cold! (but it is cold, the cars were iced over this morning) Guessing the headache is from the sugar withdrawals… they cant last much longer…
Went to weigh in.. I was up 6.5lbs… expected this after almost a month of eating ALL the food…. So starting fresh with this new number.
Met our new leader and she seems really nice, she gave the whole group the new member talk and it turns out I don’t know everything…. Who knew!!!
Left feeling motivated and ready to start tomorrow like its my first day ever
2.5  litres of Water & ended the day on 17.5 syns

Some motivation:

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