Friday, 15 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 2 - Jan 2016

So even though this is my 2nd week back on the slimming world plan, this will be my first week working towards a loss on the scales…

Here’s how my week went…….

Friday 8th Jan 2016 – Day 5
Not feeling great tonight, light headed and kinda pukey, but at the same time I’m thinking bout food…..
Usually on a Friday night I eat lotsa crap and watch the tv all evening, so time for a new routine..
My plan is to keep my day syn free, so that I can have treats tonight watching tv.. a fair compromise
3 Litre of Water, 2 panadol, lemsip  & 15 syns 

2.5 syn dinner.. Omelette & beans

Saturday 9th Jan 2016 – Day 6
Cancelled my spinning class this morning as didn’t feel able.
Had a lovely SW fry for breakfast, we were out all day, I googled the syns for KFC as I remembered reading that they had a SW friendly option.
So I ordered a Chicken Rice Box and a bottle of water, I thought it was 4.5 syns until I posted it on my Instagram….. Turns out I should have asked for “pulled chicken rice box” which is 4.5 syns.
The box I had was 10.5 syns, which still wasn’t too bad! But still……
Saturday evening was a fail, we were both feeling like crap and opted for the chipper rather than the planned Chinese!!
1 Litre of Water & all the syns!!!

11.5 syns chicken rice box

Sunday 10th Jan 2016 – Day 7
Went and did my food shop as soon as I got up, so that cheating wasn’t an option today!
Still not feeling great, but I ate well and on plan today
1.5 Litre of Water & 13 syns

BLT with Eggs on a toasted bagel (HEB & synfree)

Monday 11th Jan 2016 – Day 8
Went to work even though I was feeling queasy! So I didn’t eat any fruit during the day and had a small lunch!
I stayed on plan food wise, I hope that my lack of speed foods wont go against me on the scales!! 
I was glad I had put dinner in the slow cooker because I wanted something quick and easy & this would have been another oppurtunity to eat off plan!
Had to cancel my spinning class, I knew I wouldn’t have been up to it!!
1.5 Litre of Water & 10.5 syns

Synfree Spag Bol

Tuesday 12th Jan 2016 – Day 9
Starting to feel better today, but still no mind for fruit.. but I stayed on plan and filled up on other synfree snacks..
May have gone over my HEA allowance with all the tea I drank tonight with the girls.. but I had plenty of syns left over as a buffer in case I did
2.5 Litre of Water & 5 syns

My blog passed the 100,000 view mark today also... Delighted would is an understatement 

Wednesday 13th Jan 2016 – Day 10
My stomach is all better today :-) I brought bacon medallions to work and made them on the George grill at lunch, the smell in the office was divine J
Dinner was chicken and chips but I was craving something creamy.. so I mixed a chicken stock pot with some boiled water and 3 tablespoons of quark…
its thickened up , I microwaved it for 30 seconds to heat it through.. it was delicious and best of all synfee
4 Litre of Water & 13 syns

Quark Sauce

Thursday 14th Jan 2016 – Day 11
I kept today synfree, I still had my 3 meals, snacks & water, not sure if that the right move on weigh day, but I refuse to starve myself until I hit the scales,
I’ve tried it and all it does is send me into an eating spiral at 9pm at night!! That’s not good!!
Went to Weigh In, I was down 2.5lbs, stayed for the meeting, new leader seems nice, she asked us all to set a target for next week, I set mine at 2lbs.
Came home and enjoyed my Wispa Gold and some Lemon cake.. The cake pushed me over my syns! But I didn’t care!!
2.5 Litre of Water & 30  syns

My plan for the coming week is to stay on plan and measure my Healthy Extra A, which is always 350ml of skimmed milk, but I must admit I havent been measuring it, and I have been drinking a LOT of tea with the weather being so cold!! 
How did you week go?

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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