Friday, 22 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 3 - Jan 2016

Post number 200 for me

Post number 200 for me!! WOOHOO

Time to report on another week.. 
I must admit I’m happy to be back on plan and keeping tabs on myself daily..
It is definitely helping me to see a pattern with my moods/ eating

Plus I saw a loss on the scales.. I definitely enjoy that J

Friday 15th Jan 2016 – Day 12
Not feeling it today, not in the best of form and really feel like I could eat all day and not care!!
I went out for lunch, it was unplanned and I had a toastie and enjoyed every bite without thinking about the syns!
Dinner was from the Chinese, beef in black bean sauce was 8 syns and that evening I enjoyed a buttercream filled iced biscuit cake! #noregrets
2.5 Litre of Water & 59 syns

Beef in Blackbean Sauce 8 syns

Saturday 16th  Jan 2016 – Day 13
I went to 10am spinning class, it was very tough after missing 2 sessions over being sick!! Thought  I was gonna puke half way through but it passed and I carried on!
Had a lovely breakfast afterwards (photo below) Synfree (milk in tea was my HEA) The Egg wrap was as nice as a bagel 
Went to my friends daughters first birthday party in the afternoon, I had fruit before I left to avoid picking… but I did have a slice of birthday cake…
Dinner was synfree Chilli Beef from the slow cooker..
we were out for the night then in the pub.. so once again I was over my syns from drinking vodka, I did avoid the chipper after wards tho.
2.5 Litre of Water & ??syns

Sunday 17th Jan 2016 – Day 14
I had a synfree breakfast to start my day, a yummy toasted bagel topped with BLT & eggs J
Went to my parents to watch the match and had a slice of cake! 
Dinner was a 4 syn mayflower curry (delicious on plan hangover cure)
I was doing ok until about 9pm… then it all went out the window and I had a chocolate binge!
I can honestly say that in the moment I really didn’t care and wasn’t thinking about the scales or Slimming World!!
1.5 Litre of Water & 71.5 syns

Mayflower Curry 28g = 4 syns

Monday 18th Jan 2016 – Day 15
Before last nights binge, I had been prepping dinner and lunches, so todays meals were synfree and snacks were fruit & yogurt
Dinner was a slow cooker experiment, marinaned chicken thighs with SW chips and peas, it was only afterwards that I reaslised that I didnt have any speed on my plate!! (got the recipe from Sharon's facebook page
Spinning class again tonight and I found it tough!! My dinner was jumping with me, so I’ll eat lighter the next time!
Whole day was busy!!!
3.5 Litre of Water & 7 syns

Chicken thighs form slow cooker 

Tuesday 19th Jan 2016 – Day 16
Feeling tired today and my body feels like a dead weight under me! So I guess that means I did a bit of work in spinning last night!
Today I’m happy that I had all my meals organised (synfree) so there was no thinking involved, usually when I feel this tired I grab the sugary stuff to keep me going.
Plus with my meals being synfree, I can have treats J (within my syns of course… all the chocolate)
3.5 Litre of Water & 14 syns

Measuring HEA & HEB is very important

Wednesday 20th Jan 2016 – Day 17
Grand Day… didn’t have cereal for breakfast, which is a game changer for me to have all that extra milk (HEA) AND being able to have a bagel or 2 x hifi bars mid week!
Its not good when this is the highlight of my day!!  (I opted for a toasted bagel for my lunch FYI)
Feeling very teary & sorry for myself!! For no particular reason!!!
3.5 Litre of Water &  11.5 syns

Hot chocolate (HEA + 1 syn for half a sachet) 20 mini marshmallows = 1 syn & purple snack(5)

Thursday 21st Jan 2016 – Day 18
Its weigh day again! It seems to come around very quickly! Not sure how I feel after having 3 days over my syns out of 7!
Not in the mood today for anything! So decided to go to weigh in but skip the meeting, face the scales and run away, with the way my weeks been, the scales could have gone any way at all!!
My luck was in tho and I was down 2lbs #happywiththat
3.5 Litre of Water &  17.5 syns

Weight Loss 

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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