Friday, 29 January 2016

Back to Slimming World - WEEK 4 - Jan 2016

I feel like the weeks are going faster because I’m telling ye about my day every day.. HOWEVER I think its helping me to stay on track!!
I really need a plan for the weekend tho! How do you all cope with being out of routine and a near empty fridge til shopping day (Sundays for me)?

Friday 22nd Jan 2016 – Day 19
Planned my breakfast and lunch to be synfree so that I could enjoy my onplan take away later AND some chocolate
That’s a win in my books J
2.5 Litre of Water & 17.5syns

8 syn Wispa from the Multipack

Saturday 23rd Jan 2016 – Day 20
Went to 10am spinning to start off my weekend… its getting dare I say a little bit easier!!! Brunch afterwards was a very tasty toasted bagel, synfree using my HEA (milk in tea) & HEB (bagel slim)
Dinner was on plan SW burger & chips…. But my snacking was a bit mad, so I went way over my syns, not even going to attempt to add them up but I did still write them in my food diary.
2 Litre of Water & Spinning & ??syns

SW Chips with Cheeseburger (2) & side salad

Sunday 24th  Jan 2016 – Day 21
Sundays breakfast and lunch were onplan, but then we went to see our wedding band play in a showcase and decided to eat dinner in town, it was delicious and my dinner, so I don’t regret it.
However it did mean that later in the evening I allowed myself some extra treats for turning down dessert earlier!!!!
1.5 Litre of Water & ??syns

Bunless Bacon & cheese Burger with Chips

Monday 25th  Jan 2016 – Day 22
Back to eating well 100% I plan to keep my meals synfree free if I can this week and my syns low to see if I can make amends for my 2 days of madness!!
I am seeing a pattern tho!!  Me & weekend – Brain thinks “lets eat EVERYTHING and worry about it on Mon”
Enjoyed spinning after a bad day at work, it was a good way to get me outta my negative funk J
3.5 Litre of Water & Spinning & 8syns

Mushy Pea Curry (synfree)

Tuesday 26th Jan 2016 – Day 23
Heavy legs today after last nights spinning!! Walking up the stairs to work its like they woke up and decided to weigh a ton each!!
Was at the hairdressers from 5-9pm ( I brought onplan snacks), so ate my dinner really late because I was starving and decided my dinner was better than picking!!
2.5 Litre of Water & 8syns

Egg Muffins & Hifi

Wednesday 27th Jan 2016 – Day 24
Tired today!!! Had egg muffin for breakfast so that I could have a bagel for lunch, it felt like a such a treat, but it was 100% on plan.. that makes me happy!
Had a couch night to relax and catch up on tv because the next week is going to be busy
3 Litre of Water & 14.5 syns

Toasted Bagel Slim  (HEB) with chicken Salad 

Thursday 28th Jan 2016 – Day 25
Weigh Day again!!  Had Overnight oats fro Breakfast.. YUM (link here) 
Didn't feel great when I got to work, so just had boiled water with lemon all day! Decided to go to the early weigh in... I was down 2.5lbs, bought some new bars to try and left!!! I did have a small bit of dinner in my mums and it stayed down and I had some Salt & Vinegar crisps to see if it would help with the nauseous feeling... it kind of did and I got some sleep!! So felt ill all day but didnt get sick, probably because there was nothing in my stomach!!! 
3 Litre of Water & ??syns

Weight Lost to Date: 7lbs

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..... 

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  1. Congrats on your loss this week, Vicki! I'm okay at the weekend, it's the evenings that gets me, I'll be grand all day, 100% on plan and then I'll eat a white bread ham sandwich just for the sake of it. Ridiculous, whether it's boredom or what I don't know but I need to plan better so it doesn't become habit x