Friday, 4 March 2016

Slimming World - WEEK 9 - Feb/Mar 2016

The time is flying by! 
Time to get serious and get my 1 stone award with Slimming World, sooner rather than later
I’m half way through my 100 days already!!

Fri 26th Feb 2016 – Day  50
Woke with a scratchy throat and blocked nose!!
Breakfast: 2 x mini egg muffins with beans
Lunch: bagel slim (HEB) with light cheese triangle (1.5) & ham salad
Stayed on plan until 5.30 and it went out the window, I called to my parents to vote & had a scone!
I was waiting for himself to come home to go get dinner!! He was working late which resulted in chipper for dinner at 9pm!!!
2.5 Litres of Water & a million syns!!

bagel slim (HEB) with light cheese triangle (1.5) & ham salad

Sat 27th  Feb 2016 – Day  51
Up early to go Spinning and get a new tyre, had a lovely breakfast before I went to town.
Breakfast: Yogurt with raspberries
Lunch: SW cooked breakfast (2)
Dinner:  Beef in Blackbean sauce (8) with carrots, mushrooms & boiled rice
We had take away for dinner (on plan) But then we decided to open a bottle of champagne that we had been saving for a special occasion (we are one year engaged tonight)
Had nibbles & chocolate with it!!
2.5 Litres of Water & syns not counted after 6pm!


Sun 28th   Feb 2016 – Day  52
Feeling determined this morning, got the food shop done early, wrote out a meal plan for the week and made a batch of Egg muffins for syn free breakfasts 3 times this week.
Dinner was home made double cheeseburger with SW chips (well worth 8 syns)
I did go over my syns but still counting today as a good one…
2.5 Litres of Water & 20 syns

double cheeseburger with SW chips (8syns)

Mon 29th  Feb 2016 – Day  53
Back at work and back to routine… Ate 3 tasty syn free meals
Breakfast: 3 x mini egg muffins with beans
Lunch: Turkey Salad
Dinner: SW Spaghetti Bolognese with mushrooms
Spinning was good craic
3.5 Litres of Water & 5 syns

Body magic

Tues 1st  Mar  2016 – Day  54
March already!!
Breakfast: 2 x mini egg muffins with beans
Lunch: Turkey Salad on Broghies (3 syns)
Dinner: SW Chicken & mushroom Carbonara

Good Day Food wise, really enjoyed my very creamy dinner!!
Mixed my left over quark with hot chocolate powder, canderal & choc shot! It was rotten and went in the bin!
Luckily I had my syns, so I got to enjoy “real” chocolate
2.5 Litres of Water & 13 syns

Turkey Salad on Broghies (3 syns)

SW Chicken & mushroom Carbonara

Weds 2nd Mar  2016 – Day  55
Is it home time yet :-(
Breakfast: Overnight Oats
Lunch: 2 x egg muffins with side salad     
Dinner: Bacon, Turnip & potatoes

Tired today from the winds last night keeping me awake listening to our side gate banging from 4am onwards! So I was in zombie mode today!
Drank lots of tea and had chocolate for sugar to keep me going (least that was my excuse today)
2.5 Litres of Water & 13 syns

2 x egg muffins with side salad  

Thurs 3rd Mar  2016 – Day  56
Weigh Days here already!!
Breakfast: 35g Shreddie & Skimmed milk
Lunch: Boiled Egg & Ham Salad
Dinner: Peppered pork chops with roast potatoes & veg

Ended up going to the early Weigh in and brought my 6 year old nephew with me. I was down 1lb..
When we got back in to the car, he asks “Where was the pool?”  he thought I had said I was going to Swimming World!!  LOL
2.5 Litres of Water & 29 syns

Weight Loss & Creme Egg (9)

Weight lost to date:  -7lbs
Onwards and Downwards, the Slimming World way :)

Bit of Motivation for the coming week..

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