Wednesday, 19 June 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 1 in Review

Hey Guys,

I hope yer all well today, I’m finally getting back to report on my first week of my new challenge!! At the moment I just have no time to myself or time to blog, so I apologise for the lateness of this post!!

So last Monday 10th I decided that my healthy eating would begin again after a weekend of gluttony! I stuck to my old plan because I wasn’t sure what foods would be in my new 6 week challenge.
I went to the gym at 7pm to report for duty and find out all the info, the first thing we had to do was weigh in! ( I hate getting on new scales, cuz I’m always weigh more on them and I’m not thrilled about getting weighed at night time either) But anyhu, these are adjustments that I will have to make for the next 6 weeks of my life. Aren’t I full of problems! Lol
So I hit the scales (its all down from here!) My measurements were taken, grand I can stand with my arms sticking out. THEN, then I was attacked with these pincher like things to have my body fat checked (omg, I was morto!)  He pinched 4 bits of my bingo wing to get an accurate fat reading! The same on my back fat, and then asked me to lift my tshirt to take my wobbly jelly belly reading! I can tell you I was purple, PURPLE in the face leaving the room! I think it was just because I wasn’t expecting to have to get my wobbly bits out!! I’m there to loose em, not to show them off! And  it was a guy taking the measurements and the girls were queued up behind me to have theirs done! So I had an audience, I know we’re all in the same boat! But I was morto for myself!
I’ve told others of my experience with the pinchers and apparently this is a normal thing to happen!! It was a first for me I can tell you! And I presumed (silly me)  that I would hit the scales, it would do all the magic working out of my weight, bmi, body fat, water fat, fiscal fat, blah blah blah! I’ve been spoilt by technology these last few years it would seem!!
I wasn’t off to a great start was I!! So down to the training room I went where we were all introduced to Ian, our trainer/ motivator for the next 6 weeks. He informed us that we would be starting with some circuits. He had the room set up to accommodate the 12 of us, there were 12 stations, we would do the task that was allocated to our station for 1 minute and have 30 seconds to move to the next station and go for the next minute.. We played this game for 40 minutes, then we done a quick cool down (I had a little sit down) and we were then given a copy of our new food plan and food diary sheet  and had a quick chat about what lay ahead.
The foods aren’t hugely different from what I’m, eating at the moment, but I will be eating A LOT MORE, its basically 3 meals a day, 3 snacks a day, 4-6 Litres of water per day & No eating after 8pm.

So on Tuesday, I stuck to the same eating routine as Monday because I hadn’t had a chance to go shopping for my new food stuff! Tuesday evening I went on a little food hunt to my local Lidle, Dunnes and Aldi and managed to get everything marked off my list and had a plan for Weds.

Weds was the start of my new eating regime, the key to the foods is eating them at certain times, rather than when your starvin marvin. So you never get to the super hungry, will eat your own arm stage (clever right) I found the day long and full of clock watching, I was nervous about not eating on time and not liking the new foods that I would be trying. Also it was a day that seems to be full of yummy foods out to tease me and test my will power. The boss brought in loads yummy biscuits for the office (think double choc cookies half coated in chocolate and you on the right course) I went home to find that there were 2 full bags of choc and jammy doughnuts! ( we NEVER get these at home) My resolve was starting to weaken. I went to The Marquee to see Olly Murs that evening, I felt bad missing my second training session, but it was OLLY and he was amazing…. I didn’t stay outside for too long when we arrived because the smell from the Eddie Rockets van was amazing and EVERYONE around me was eating. Everyone but me…. I think it was just one of those days. I was feeling so sorry for myself over it. But I was thrilled going to bed that I had “passed the test”

I went to Spin & Abs on Thursday night and Spinning on Friday night to make up for missing my Weds night class. I found the foods were easier for me also, so these days passed by in a busy blur.

It was the weekend that I had been half dreading because I would be getting up a bit later and would be out of my Mon-Fri routine! The advise we were given was to try and stick to the same times as much as possible and that Sunday was Cheat Day.

I must admit that I cheated on both days! I ate out on Saturday night for my dinner Chicken Caesar Salad and Chicken Stir Fry. And I also had Carmel Nibbles at the cinema that night (I needed the choc to get me thru Superman!!)
On Sunday, it was Fathers Day, we had a yummy roast chicken for dinner and I had some dessert – strawberry flan, it was delicious.

Monday morning came and I was back to being good. I was very nervous about facing the scales at 7pm that evening, I felt that it was hanging over me all day and I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be!!

And finally I come to the results of my first week… I was down 4.5lbs J a very good result I thought, everyone from my group of 12 was down, so we were all thrilled and we all went to face Ian for an hour of circuits with smiles on our faces and determination in our bellies

So that’s my week in review. I’m glad the first week if out of the way, I feel more confident about my foods and times and I’m adapting slowly. This time last week I had never tasted peanut butter or sweet potatoes and would have turned my nose up at rice cakes and granola bars. Now I look forward to them! It’s a new experience and a learning process for my taste buds and my body.

Week 2 for me involves, 2 x classes, 1 x spinning and a weekend away.. but I’m determined to stay as good as I can and stay focused

Wow, I didn’t expect this to be so long! If you’ve made it this far, congrats J

Have a good week my friends xx

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

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  1. Excellent! :) Go you! Don't be too hard on yourself for missing out on Wednesday for Olly Murs or the chocolate in the cinema. If you restrict yourself from everything you will burn out. Moderation is the key. Best of luck this week :)

  2. Well done Vicki! The start of a new challenge is always the hardest bit, you've done great for your first week, fair play to you x

  3. Outstanding :) Keep going. I too am finding foods I now like that in the past I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole...such as onions, sweet potato and now kale. Look forward to seeing your results next week