Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Hey Guys,

You know after last weeks post I was feeling a bit MEH and this carried on for me, but I could feel myself slipping and slipping and not caring enough to stop and shut my gob!! So I decided to skip my weigh in date, which I know is the worst possible thing I could do.
But this my my decision and after 20 week of never missing a weigh in I decided that I just needed a little time out for myself.

Oh I could give you lotsa excuses, my brothers home to visit from Oz after 4 years, I pulled my neck on Weds night and was pity eating and couldn't move, it was the bank holiday weekend, the weather was lovely so I had to have Ice Cream and ice lollies, HAD TO LIKE.. I could go on, but you get the idea, Moaning Myrtle, the queen of excuses is baaack!

I promise that I am by no means giving up on me or my challenge, I just needed a little reminder of what I'm not missing, so I can stop being a spoilt brat and get on with my journey.

So this is just a blip in the bigger grand plan! I don't feel the better for going off plan, BUT I don't feel bad or too guilty. This was just something that had to happen to me at some stage and now its time to put it behind me and get moving again, or possibly look into having my jaw wired shut for a few months!

After coming back from my weekend away on Monday, the weather was fab so me and the boy went for a stroll that turned into an 8 mile walk!! The longest I've ever done I think. So I'm trying to get back to super good this week.

I have a new challenge lined up, I'm just waiting on the final details and all will be revealed.

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend xx

18lbs lost, 42lbs to go.... 


  1. We all have weeks like that HBG! I hope you can stay strong, refocus this week and head back to next weeks Weigh-In. I went this week KNOWING I'd be up, and I was up - but like a plaster I reckon I'm better just ripping it off and starting a-fresh.

    Take the time you need & I look forward to your next post about going back :) x

    1. Thanks John for the lovely words..
      I know what I have to do! I'm just being lax and lazy about it this week!! I will get back to it ASAP xx
      I defo need to RIP the plaster off and FAST!

  2. You're doing so well! It's ok to have a break day or weekend even every once in a while. It just reminds us of what we're working towards:) Keep going!!

    1. Thanks Audrey, I know your right, but I feel bad when I take a break.. I'll be facing the scales tomorrow and i'll be back to it then.
      lets hope that 10 days off didnt do too much damage!!

  3. HBP I've been feeling exactly like you for the last two weeks, and I havent gone for weigh in. I've been making the excuse that I can't go for run in the evening because I need to get hayfever injection but really I'm just tired and don't want to. I think I've got to a point where I'm comfortable with my size so I've relaxed. I'm going away this weekend to Donegal, so I've decided to give myself a break. I'm not going to be strict or feel guilty. And then Monday morning, I'm starting tracking and exercising again.
    I think some times you just need to switch off and recharge the batteries so you are ready to go again.
    We can do this.

    1. Hey Loco,
      have a ball on your break :) your right, we all need a breather at times, I'm almost looking forward to get back into it on Monday.
      We can defo do this :)