Friday, 7 June 2013


Hey Guys,
As ye know, I'm a big fan of the neon trend and since I bought me the Models own Neons I've been trying to get as many wears out of them as possible! Well it would be rude not too *heehee*

I really like this pinky/peachy/ orangey colour.. it depends what way the light catches it as to what colour it is at any given time, the application of this is a bit gloopy, so bew sure to swipe the brush off the bottle after a dip and you'll be ok. This took 3 coats to be all lovely and bright and pretty, 2 probably would have been enough tho.  I then added my top coat to make it extra shiney.

I let them as above for maybe a day but then I was mad to try out a few ideas that I had in my head on them, the first was to stick some little diamonds on to bling them up. I used the diamonds that were in the top of the nail art pens that I bought in pennys. I used a blob of top coat and a toothpick to pick up and place the diamonds, easy peasey :)
I did paint over the whole lot then with topcoat to make sure they stayed put! The diamonds unfortunately had minds of their own and within a day I'd lost most of my left hand, but my right hand stayed put! weird as I done them both at the same time.

In my head it sounded good to attemot to free hand flowers and add little diamonds as the bud in my flowers, sounds cute right? That it does, unfortunately my arty fart skills aren't up to much and my nail art pen wasn't in a co operating mood for this one!
But I said I'd show ye anyways

So there you have it, a lovely bright summer colour and 2 nail art attempts that I've tried.

have you tried anything lovely and bright this summer yet? I'd luv to get some reccommends for something new and bright and lovely (yes come and feed my little addiction, like i need the help! lol)


  1. These are awesome! I can't do my own nails to save my life. But I have a lady who does my nails who loves to play around with the designs. Wish I had your skill though! Probably much cheaper, hah.

  2. I don't like Models OWN but I love that colour and I love your nail art! Really love all the bright polish around at the minute, so cheery x