Sunday, 16 June 2013

6 week weight loss course

Hey Guys,

I mentioned last week that I was beginning a new challenge, and now I think its time that I share it with you all because by sharing the details and my plan, it means that I can't back out or change my mind, and knowing that spurs me along and helps me, not that I plan to back out or cheat or anything, but you know what I mean. Sharing with you is the extra kick up the ass that I find that I need.

Weight loss Course: what’s involved/ included
·         6 weeks (group sessions)
·         Weekly Nutrition plan
·         Weight Loss Planner
·         2 Training sessions per week
·         1 Nutrition session per week
·         Weekly Weigh In
·         12 places

The Details
Its in my local gym where I go spinning 2/3 times a week (only 10 mins from home), so it suits me down to the ground, the trainers and staff have been super supportive towards me since January, so I feel happy and almost confident when I train up there and under their supervision. Its now in my routine/ happy bubble/comfort zone to go there and that makes it a lot less daunting for me.

The Detox/ The Food
As with starting any kind of new healthy eating regime, the first few days are a killer with regards to detoxing and getting the sugar out of my system. I’ve been told that for the first week there will be more liquids than food. So I’m trying to mentally prepare for that! I’m such a plain Jane eater that it’s the food change that I’m dreading most of all. The muscle ache and boot camp style classes, I’m prepared for… kinda…

The Exercise
The course includes 2 x circuit classes a week, I also plan to do at least one spinning class a week, because I'd miss it if I stopped completely, and I’m hoping to get back to going for lunch time walks, I’ve gotten lazy I’ve found during the day at work and for sitting at my desk reading rather than getting out for a quick 20 minute walk.

My Feelings/ Hopes/ Goals
I need to change my routine and food in order to give myself a kick up the bum and also to shock my body into continuing to loose weight.
I feel like this is exactly what I need to be doing right now. I need to be a little bit selfish and give myself 100% for a few weeks
My goal is to loose a stone in this 6 weeks and to see how many inches I loose also, because sometimes you have to go by something other than the number on the scales. So it will be something new to report on.
My measurements will be taken on week one, three and six. I will be weighed every week

I’m both nervous and excited about this new challenge, once I get the first week and weigh in out of the way, I know that I’ll be ok! I’m always slow to change my food and routine! (on the inside I’m a 90 year old lady) but this is just what I need. New classes to shake up the routine, trying new foods to check that my taste buds are in me somewhere and maybe even going on a new scales will be a little adventure. My weigh day will change now also for the 6 weeks, so I’ll be getting weighed on Monday nights before my class. So I’ll be reporting my weight losses mid week for a bit.
I’ve been so used to being weighed on a Saturday morning, that maybe being weighed on a Monday will “keep me good” at the weekend. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m very late posting the details I apologies! This should have gone up last week!  My first weigh in is Monday night, so I’ll be back soon to report my good news and to talk you through week one

If you are in Cork City and are looking for a new challenge/ class, then I would definitely recommend Pulse Fitness Studios


Pulse Fitness Studio
Unit 1A
Mayfield Business Park
085 1322843


  1. Best of luck sounds like a great course!

  2. It sounds brilliant, a great motivator and a great idea! Fair play to you for signing up, best of luck with it, I have no doubts you'll kick ass xx