Wednesday, 26 June 2013

6 week Challenge - WEEK 2 in Review


Hi Guys,
How are ye getting on? How was your week? Good I hope.
I must admit that after such a great loss last week, I was determined to keep going. Everyone was down at last Mondays weigh in and so for the circuits afterwards there was a great happy buzz about the place and we had a great work out session. It was one minute circuit style classes again, but there were 4 abs stations this time to content with also! It was a really good work out.
 Tuesday evening I went for a walk to ease out the muscles and it was nice to be outside for a walk when the weather is nice and the evenings are bright J
 On Weds night, Ian our usual trainer wasn't there, so Keith took the class, he’s a tough cookie, by the time the warm up was over, I wanted to run out the door, lol, We started with a circuit, 30 seconds at each station with a 10 second switch over, so it was a really quick work out at each spot. Once we had done a full circle on the circuit, we then had to do a 4 minute Tabitha?  1 minute of high knees, followed by 1 minute of burpee’s and repeat!! It was very tough going! Then we were straight back into the second circuit, the second time every thing seems a little bit harder on the body, but we got thru it only to have to do another 4 minute Tabitha, it’s the toughest class I've done in a very long time, I was like sweaty Betty’s sweater and smellier cousin. We had hoped that the class was over at this stage BUT NO!  we then all had to pair up and grab boxing gloves and pads, the person with the gloves got to lie flat out with arms out in front, we then had to jump up, punch the pads for 10, get back down and repeat 10 times. We then switched and the other person got to get down, jump up and punch… this wasn't timed but we all had to do it in sync! We each got to do the punching and pads bit twice each… I was sooooo happy when the class was over I can tell you, I left with jelly legs, but feeling like I’d survived a full body work out, they really are starting the up the fitness regime/levels with us, which is a good thing..
I was achy on Thursday so decided that the best thing to do would be to go to spin & abs class to loosen out my body, It was Keith taking the class and thankfully he wasn’t as tough on us as he had been the previous night and he done some great cool down stretch’s which really helped my aches and pains.
The week was going well, 4 great days of 4 and exercise on all the days, I was feeling good. However I had said that I had a weekend away planned. 3 days  of a break away J bliss
But  for the weekend my routine was out of wack and when I think of a break I think of FOOD… 
On Friday morning we set off for Dublin to go to see Rihanna, so there was snacks in the car, we had an ice cream break, we ate out for dinner, lotsa vodka before and during the concert.
Saturday morning there was a lovely cooked brekkie, subway for lunch, followed by dinner out and dessert J (it was the “hang overs” fault, not mine)
Sunday had another cooked breakfast (with scrambled eggs tho, see gooood) Home for a lovely roast dinner, then it was a my god daughters 4th birthday party, so I HAD to sample the lovely 2 tier Curious George cake, it would have been rude not too and it was unreal (cake heaven for a foodie like me)

So as I prepared to face the scales I was very unsure if my 4 days of being 100% good would out weigh my 3 holiday/break days…

I was up 2lbs, and it probably should have been more, with all the booze and junk, but 2lbs I shall take, but it won’t be hanging around, its a minor set back...
They said my body was probably dehydrated from the alcohol at the weekend and that’s why I was up on the scales but looking trim in my lycra!
But I know myself it was the food, I was 20% good  maybe/ if even  (I said no to ice cream and a cupcake – go me attempting to be good)

 Next week I aim to be down 4lb to get back on track, I really enjoyed my weekend away, but its time to put it behind me now and get back too clean eating and training hard J

Week 1 = start
Week 2 = -4.5
Week 3 = +2
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

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  1. Keep going Vicki, you're doing great, you won't have the weekend away every week, just stick to your exercise - would you make a food plan? It might be easier to avoid picking or grabbing something quick if you know what you're having for the day. You can do it! xx

    1. it was defo just a minor set back.. I'd crack up if I didnt have time off from all this! Its been 6 months!!
      I do have a food plan and tracker, and I ensure I eat every 2/3 hours.
      It was just with being away I was making bold/bad choices just cuz.. Like I ate 2 of my granola bars in the car "cuz I was bored"
      But thats behine me now, I'm back to being good and will see a good result nxt week : )xxx

  2. Have you been taking your measurements? Sometimes you can see changes in your body shape that don't show on the scales. I notice it in my belt :)

    Good job Week 2 - Setbacks are a fact of life but as long as it was worth it, then what harm. How was Rihanna?

  3. Hey John,
    My measurements were taken in week one and wil lbe taken again at the end, so we'll see how I get on with them.
    My work pants is a size smaller, so i'm defo loosing something :)

    Rihanna was good, but not great for the price of her tickets.. I reckon she'll be in rehab before the year is out! poor girl!