Monday, 14 October 2013

Weekly weigh in week 4 of 14x14challenge

I feel like I’m living in  “not enough hours in the day” mode at the moment!! Where did the last 7 days go!! I know I've been busy and sick!! But seriously! Its Monday again!! It just keeps turning up doesn't it!!

My week started well, the sugar withdrawal symptoms didn't appear this time (I was surprised given the few weeks I had) I made my home made veggie soup to go with my lunches for the week, I upped my water intake to 3 litres, I was feeling good, I got back to the gym for a circuits class.

But my body wasn't done with me being sick and my fake sounding, throat tearing cough decided to act up! I was coughing like a crazy woman, couldn't catch my breath and only thing that was stopping the cough was  when my stomach turned itself from the coughing! nice, right!
I couldn't sleep and this fits went on for hours on end!
It was horrible, it was exhausting and I spent 2 full days at home sick!!
I drank shed loads of water but my food wasn't great!! I crave sugary things more when I'm sick.
I went to another circuit class towards the end of the week and coughed my way through it, but I think it helped me and my breathing a little bit (sounds mad I know!)

I was out Friday night at a hen party, I avoided all the lovely finger food and stuck to the voddy J I enjoyed myself and dodged the post drinks trip to McDonald's. But danced like a looney and enjoyed my night out with the girls. 

I faced the scales on Saturday morning after my boozey night out and I was down 2lbs, she said it probably would have been more but with all the alcohol in my system its hard to tell!
SO I’m hoping that I've got another pound off for next weeks weigh in before I even start my new week.

All in all, not a bad result considering I was still a bit sick!! I’m glad that I forced myself to attend 2 circuit classes, I really think that they helped me to get back on track. If I could be down 2-3lbs every week for the next few weeks then I’d be doing very well


I must tell you all that I’m once again taking part in The Skinny Doll’s latest challenge 14 x 14 Challenge. It’s a another great challenge and the number of people taking part is motivation in itself. Losing 1lb a week means being down 14 pounds by the end of the year, that a stone and possibly a dress size for some people.. nothing shabby about that at all I must admit.
So because of my bad start to the Doll’s challenge, I will be aiming for 2-3lbs weekly to catch up with everyone else, who are doing great by the way J

How was your week? I hope your doing well and starting to see and feel the results.

**Photos sources from Google images**


  1. good lucky vicki... love reading the posts, your v determined and it will pay off xx

  2. keep it up, way to go!!thanks for sharing!