Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Weekly weigh in - week 5 of 14x14challenge

Hey Guys,

I was down 1lb this week, it was a good result considering I was out last Friday night (hen party) and Saturday night (Dublin for our 2 year anniversary) I ate out in nice restaurants and fed my hangover.
I was good food wise Mon - Thurs and went to Spinning and Fat Furnace (like circuits but harder)

I got weighed on Friday morning (a whole day early) and then flew to Edinburgh for 3 days for a Hen Party :)

So its been a busy few days for me, with work and recovery. I went to a spinning class last night and I'm back on track food wise today, made my home made soup for the week and that's it really. Its on-wards and upwards from here....

You can see a pattern forming here of how I'm good on the week days but the weekend truly ENDS me. But for the moment this is how its got to be. I've loads on but I find I'm making better food choices when I am eating out (not saintly, but better), which I'm sure will stand to me in the long run.

Hope your all keeping well xx

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