Sunday, 30 December 2012

Essence Nail Art Peel Off Base Coat

Essence Nail Art Peel Off Base Coat

The best invention/ find of 2012 has to be "Essence Nail Art Peel Off Base Coat"
I have been raving about this product for the last couple of weeks, I'm not sure why I haven't done a post on it before now!! So here we go :)
This cost me €2.79 in Penneys and its worth every penney and more.


Why is it so great I hear you asking?? (sorry I do tend to go on) Well this is a base coat, it goes on white and is essentially PVA glue, but give it a few minutes to dry and its drys to clear.
you paint your nails with whatever you want, I recommend glitter polish.
Do all your business, glitter, nail art, top coats etc.

Then when your ready to change your colour, you break the seal up around your cuticles and push it with an orange stick and other beauty bloggers say it comes off in one go.
I haven't tried this technique, you see I'm a picker, so I'm loving this method of removal :)
I break the seal at the cuticle and I pick/ peel off the layers of polish off my nails, finger by finger.
I find it to be great fun and the best bit???? (apart from the fact that you can do it anywhere, my mother can vouch to that!! her poor car, oops)  It doesn't do any damage to your nails :) Yip, you heard me, so you can pick and peel and your nail bed doesn't suffer AT ALL.


I have been raving about this stuff since I discovered it, I'd read about it on an Australian blog a few months back, so I was thrilled when I spotted it by accident on the Essence stand.

I think every girls should have a bottle of this in their collection, you don't have to be doing nail art to have this.
Its made the removal of glitter polish's fan-ruddy-tastic tho, I used to avoid glitter polish's because, as pretty as they are, they're a total nightmare to remove.. but no more.. Now I get to enjoy an hour of picking when I want them gone and then I just use nail polish remover around the edges.

I've been changing my nail colour a lot more frequently over the last few weeks, purely because the knowledge that I can pick my nails clean makes me happy... Sad but true..

I'm thinking this could be a holy grail product for 2013.

have you tried this?? Are you a fan?

***I can't add comments to my photos at the moment, but I'm sure they're self explanatory

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