Thursday, 27 December 2012

Nail Art Kit - Home Made

Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd share this with ye today..

It was my friends birthday a few weeks ago and she asked me to make her a nail art set, she was mad to try out dotting.

This is what I came up with for her.

The Birthday Pressie

I used the box that I got my perfume in, I even made a lil sign for the top of it...

Home Made Sign

4 differnt colours

Manicure Set, Dotter & Hand Cream

4 Glitter mini polishes

Pedicure Set & 2 x Striping tapes

What do you think? I thought it was a good present and home made too, and my friend really liked it :) So it was a good result.. I enjoyed making it and she'll enjoy playing with it..

So all in all, a good outcome.. I find its getting tougher to buy for my friends, so this lil idea worked out well for me.

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