Monday, 3 December 2012

Weekly Weigh In Results #4

Hey Guys,

I hope you had a good week and weekend? I hit the scales on Saturday and I'm happy to report that I was down 3lbs... HURRAAAAAAH J

I can tell you I was so relieved that  the scales finally moved for me.
My week went pretty much how I had planned for last week. I ate the exact same thing 5 days in a row.
I walked 4 outta 5 days (its was raining on Thursday)   and I didn’t eat after 7pm.

I was a tough week as I did find myself to be hungry in the evenings and also the late late Toy Show was on Friday night, which in my head means a “party night” lotsa sweets and hot chocolate to wolf down as I watch the show J Yip, I know I’m a big child, but it was the highlight of my week and I enjoyed it with just a cuppa and I lived to tell the tale.

I must admit I did have a little “poor me” episode where I wanted to give in and have something because I felt deprived!! But it did pass and I woke on Saturday morning feeling guilt free and ready to face the scales knowing that I couldn’t have done anymore this week.

And so I was happy afterwards, that afternoon I had a fitting for my bridesmaid dress (which is gorgeous may I add) for my best friends wedding next year and a waist was spotted.
I haven’t had a waist or a shape (other than lump shaped) ever I don’t think, so it was a great feeling and definitely a HUGE incentive to keep going for me J it’s the little things I find.

So this week I’ll be eating more or less the same as I did last week.(keeping it plain and simple) I have made my own mushroom soup this week as a filler, I’m planning to have it for lunch with my soda bread and in the evenings before or after my dinner if I’m feeling Starving Marvin.  I’m also hoping to add 2 spinning classes in this week, on top of  my lunch time walks.

I have my work Christmas party this Friday night so I want to be extra good for the rest of the week and plan for eating out and the drinks afterwards. Once evening out shouldn’t ruin a good week.
Altho the booze can mess with the readings on the scales!! But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Its Monday again, a fresh week has started. Only 3 more weigh in’s to Christmas. How exciting/ scary is that.

I hope you’ve had a good week and  your starting to see the results xxx


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  1. Hey! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for the details!

    And congrats on the weight loss!