Monday, 10 December 2012

Weekly Weigh In Results #5

Hey Guys,

Aren't the weeks flying past??? Christmas is coming J a few things happened me this week.

1. My soup was a disaster
2. I started a new spin class
3. My work Christmas party

I decided to make my soup last Sunday evening, so I’d be prepared for the week ahead, it as only when I got to the blending part that I thought the soup looked very watery! I was wracking my brain trying to think where had I go wrong  (this took me a while, trust me) I’d forgotten to add the two potatoes in, which thicken up the soup and makes it nice!! Oops!! So for the week  I stank out the kitchen at work with my mushroom and garlic soup!! It was just bits of mushroom and garlic in flavoured water!!! Silly Silly me!! 
I had such a busy week, that I didn’t have time to pour the lot down the sink and start a fresh batch, and so I was a trouper and just had it everyday to tide me over!!
Yip, I learn everything the hard way! But at least I’m learning!

I bought myself one of those online bargain deals last week , 6 spinning classes for 25 euro (usually 10 euro per class) Sure I couldn’t NOT buy it J
My first class was last Wednesday night, it turned out to be 40 minutes of spinning and 20 minutes of ab work, which I thought was very goo, to be honest it was a relief to get off the bike after such an intense work out, so to be told to lie on the floor was just lovely, that was until I had to do all the floor exercises!! Needless to say it gave my body a right old shock!! I haven’t attempted a sit up or a plank in over 6 months, but I managed, the following day I felt every minute of the “crunches” even breathing hurt!
BUT its nice to know that there are abs in my jelly belly somewhere, after that class they were screaming hello out at me!!
I was still sore on Saturday. So I’m doing two classes next week… No Pain No Gain eh..
Being sore means its working, my “muscles” are waking up.. eeeek!  (Thats what I tell myself)

I knew that my Christmas part was at the end of the week ,and so I made sure that my food  right up to it was good (hence the watery soup) and the  torture spin class plus 3 lunch time walks.
I was being prepared and not writing off the week just because I’d be going out for dinner and a few drinks. (I’m trying to be sensible in my old age)
So we got ready to go out from work. Had a drink before dinner, I picked a chicken dish over the lovely looking steak.
I didn’t have starter or dessert. I didn’t focus on the food for once, I was out, I got a few compliments on my appearance in my new dress, I had a few drinks, I chatted with my colleagues and had a laugh and I DID NOT feel deprived that I only had one course instead of three.
That’s definite progress for me J it was a good fun night out, just how Christmas parties are meant to be J

The following morning was weigh day! I was a little delicate to say the least!! But I hopped on the scales and hoped for the best.

I was up 2lbs on the scales and up 3lbs in muscle. The muscle gain is good and probably down to my spin and abs class, the weight gain she put down to the booze still being in my system and said that the reading wasn’t accurate because I had been out the night previous!!

So I don’t know what to make of this weeks result. The weigh in is essentially null and void because of the booze still being in my system. So I don’t know if I am up, down or wrong this week.

To be honest I was too hung over to give it much thought on the day!! But I guess the muscle gain is a good thing and it could be possible to gain 2lbs from having a big chicken dinner and a whole lotta vodka!! Then so be it. It won’t put me off!!

I’m back on the wagon and the water, I’ve made a new batch of soup for the week (yes I remembered the spuds) and I’ve 2 spinning classes booked.

I’ve 2 weigh in’s left to Christmas and 7lbs to get rid of.

Have any of ye had yer Christmas parties yet? Are ye getting into the Christmas mood? I definitely am.

Stay Strong and keep going xxxx


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