Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekly Weigh In Results #5‏

Hey hey hey, very tempted to put HoHoHo..
Yip, with one week to Christmas I definitely have the Christmas bug. The time is flying past and it was a very busy week for me work wise, I must admit.
But I did find time to hit the scales on Saturday and I’m happy to report that I was down 2lbs.
I was disappointed last week, when I was up on the scales and I must admit that hung over me was not a good girl last weekend at all!! I was tired and starving and I gave into temptation!!
Aren’t two day hangovers the devil??? I was a total write offL
But I was back to it on Monday, I had make a new vegetable soup on Sunday evening to try and redeem my sins!! And it was very tasty I must say and it kept me going for the week. I also did 2 spinning classes and got in 3 lunch times walks when it wasn’t raining!
As always I was expecting to be down a stone; after managing to avoid all the Roses and Biscuits at work all week (so tempting) I may have opened the biscuit tin and had a sniff of the choc to get my “fix” but sure there’s no calories in that!! So I had to settle for the 2lbs that I had put up the previous week. BUT at least the scales move and if they continue to move down rather than up, then I will hit my target eventually.
Given the time of year and the mental weather ( I think I may have that SAD thingy or it could be just another excuse) I was pleased with the result. I’m enjoying my mid week spins too, they make me feel like I’m moving my ass and doing something (I love writing it into my food diary, it looks better than an X and rain!)
I have one more weigh in this Thursday and then I have 2 weeks off. If I was down 2/3 lbs this week, I’ll be happy. Although I won’t hit my target of 14lbs before Christmas, I will still be down almost a stone and that’s not a bad thing, yes I’m disappointed that I “failed” but I won’t give up because although my progress is slow, its still progress.
Given it’s a short week for me, I’ll be cutting back on my soda bread (having 1 instead of 2) with my soup and I’ll be putting less potatoes into my soup and watching my dinner portions. There’s no harm in that. I have 2 spinning classes booked and I hope to get in at least 3 walks if the rain fecks off!!

So watch this space… I’ll report back on Friday.
How have you been getting on? Did you have a blow out for your Christmas party and decide to stay off the wagon till the new year? Or are you putting in the extra effort this week before the selection boxes are opened???

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