Friday, 21 December 2012

Final Weigh In of 2012

Hey Guys,
The last 6 weeks have flow by I must say and I know I've said that almost every week!! but its sooo true J

Well I had my last weigh in yesterday at lunch time and it wasn’t the best news, but I had a pretty rotten week. So not a total shock to be up 1lb..
but I’m still questioning it. This is why……

I wasn’t feeling great on Monday afternoon, ate very little that day,  it turned out to be a touch of the vomiting bug! I slept most of Tuesday and I managed to hold down 4 pieces of toast that evening.

Wednesday I was starting to come round but I was very careful about eating because I was afraid!!

So there were no walks all week and I had to cancel my two pre booked spinning classes.
I had hoped that because of my illness and lack of eating that I would at least be the same, if not down!!

And so I faced the scales on Thursday lunch time (3 hours later than usual and 2 days early) and I was up on those scales.

Now one pound doesn’t bother me, that’s just a good poo really. What I’m wondering is……

I was weighed in a different clinic and so on a different scales to normal. Does this make a difference?
They say you should pick one scales and stick to it, I believe this to be through (yes I’ve tested it out)

So that’s what’s putting me off… had I gotten to be weighed on my “usual” scales, I feel like I would have been reporting good news.

But there’ s feck all I can do about it.

So my total weight loss for the last 6 weeks is 8lbs.. I had hoped for 14!! But least I’m not up 8lbs!!

Onwards and upwards, its all still very positive and the new year will bring a new weigh loss challenge for me.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy Christmas & The New year J xxx  



  1. Celebrate your accomplishments so far! You are doing it!!!!! Keep doing it.
    I understand your disappointment. But illness does weird things to your system and you are so right about different scales weighing differently.
    It is so difficult to weigh each week wearing the same clothes and on the same scale. Personally? My scale hates me!

    Keep up the good work and have a wonderful holiday!!!!!
    Peace on earth!

  2. Apologies for the delay with replying!
    Thank you for the lovely comment xx