Wednesday, 27 February 2013

5k fun run = no run!‏

Hey Guys,

I mentioned a few weeks back that I had signed myself up to do the Operation Transformation 5k Fun Run.

Unfortunately I never got to do it. For a few reasons really.

1.    I left it to 2 weeks before the event to start training. Having never attempted to run before this was highly ambitious of me! I thought that because I go to spinning classes twice a week and do fast walks a couple of times a week, that I would be able to learn how to run pretty quickly! I WAS SO WRONG! Even with the couch to 5k app, it take up to 8 weeks to learn how to run and to do it for longer than 20 seconds at a time! Oops

2.    During one of these training sessions, I felt my left ankle click under me while I was attempting a slow jog!  I was about ¾ of a mile up the route at this stage. I limbed to the mile mark and then shuffled/ dragged/ walked back to my car. Defeated!! I have a weak left ankle from a few Christmas’s ago! I slipped on the ice, sprained my ankle, went to the pub and danced on it. Never got it checked at the time and its never been the same since!!
It had been fine and pain free for months before this happened to me! So I’d forgotten that my ankle was weak and I hadn’t put a support bandage on. D’oh.
So I had to rest my ankle for the best part of a week and wear the support bandage.

That gave me  one week to learn how to run and to train to run 5k!! 3.1 miles!! Eeeek. This was never going to happen for me! I feel bad because when I saw it advertised on the television show, I was all geared up and feeling positive and I was definitely going to enter and run the race. Its always been on my to do list, to run at least one 5k run!
But alas, its not meant to be for me this time. And its my own fault! Had I started the training at the same time as the shows contestants, I would have had the 8 weeks training, possibly not the ankle injury and this would be a completely different blog post.
((I would have been all proud of myself and a little show offy that I had run 5k.. me, who’s never run the length of myself!! )) so be thankful for that at least.

I think running/ jogging will be something that I’ll have to work on over a prolonged period of time. I’m not a natural runner, nor am I light and graceful. I’m heavy and clumsy and I run like an elephant on roller skates! So its something that I will definitely have to work at! Plus being fit for an advanced spinning class is not the same as being fit to run the roads!!

I’m hoping that if I put little jog spurts into my walks and with practice and weight loss, that running will become a little more natural for me!

The Cork ladies mini marathon is held in September. I think that this is what I should set my sights on. A long term goal.
I hope to be at my goal weight for August. So running 5k when I’m 4 stone lighter should be achievable!

I hate coming on here and admitting to failing due to my own silliness and lack of planning. But I have to face up to this and admit that this is my own doing.
It was always overly ambitious of me.

But hats off to those who followed the plan and completed the run last Saturday. I will someday be in yer gang!


  1. Don't beat yourself up about it, imagine if you'd done it when you weren't fully trained up, you could have seriously damaged your ankle! Recurring injuries are a pain in the bum, it's the back with me, very annoying. You'll be running like the wind yet, wait & see ;-)x

  2. I know the feeling, I want to run the mini marathon in June & find it so hard to get into a consistent training routine! But now you know your limits so training for the September run will be much more feasible :) x