Thursday, 7 February 2013

Operation SkinnieMinnie Progress Report #2‏

Hey Guys,

Its February already, so here I am with my progress photos. Its been a month since I last took photos of me and my wobbly bits in Lycra and I know your dying to see some more, lol.

I’m not proud of these pics but as my mother says “photo’s don’t lie” and she’s right *sob sob*
I’m hoping that by showing these photos every month, they will spur me on and keep me on the right path… the road to a slimmer and trimmer me, rather than the road to cake and chocolate and an even bigger muffin top (mmmmmm muffins)

I am starting to feel better in myself, its been 4 weeks good eating and regular exercise and I’m feeling good, I had to bin my black work pants last week as it was hanging off me (result J) so even though the scales are moving slowly, its my clothes that I’m feeling the difference, not so much that I need to go buy a whole new wardrobe right now, but I’m finding that when I look in the mirror, my clothes are sitting a little better on me and that is a confidence boost for me.

It definitely the little things, the waist band of my clothes feeling a little bit looser, not panting like I've walked through the dessert for 5 days when I climb the 3 flights of stairs to get to work every morning, increasing the distance I go on my spinning bike (this went from 13km to 16.8km last week) Saying no when offered food that doesn't fit in with my plan or is offered after 7pm and feeling proud of myself (yes this does get easier) Going for a quick walk when all I really want is to sit and watch Home & Away.

You get the idea, all these little things are adding up to the bigger picture and will stand to me in the coming months as I continue on my journey to loose 60lbs (before September)
Yes I’ve decided that by setting myself an end date, I’ll be more focused for now. This date may change, but I’m hoping it won’t, its 7 months away and I've 4 stone to loose, that definitely not setting my goals too high. Well I don’t think it is anyways.

So my goal for February is to complete the Operation Transformation 5k Fun Run in Cork on 23rd February. I’m not a runner, but I’d like to be and I think that training for this event will be tough on my body, but good for my mind and it’s achievable. I haven’t attempted a run yet, but that will change in the coming weeks. My fast power walks will become slow jogs and I’ll build it up from there, eeeeek. I CAN DO THIS!!

Have you set yourself some goal for this month to keep you on the good path rather than the road to cake? I’d love to hear what they are. What’s keeping your motivated?


  1. Good luck! I think that measurements are much more important than weight - Muscle weighs more than fat and it's all about overall health :)

  2. Thanks Chloe, I'll defo start taking my measurements and add them to my monthly progress reports. Twil be interesting to see if the inches drop as quickly as I hope the lbs will