Monday, 11 February 2013

Week 5 Weigh-in 2013‏

Hey Guys,

I was down I was down, I was down.. woo hoo.. Down 1 pound after 5 days away, followed by 3 good days a near poisoning and 2 spinning classes.

So as you all know at this stage I was away for my birthday in Edinburgh, it’s a lovely city to  visit, but pack your woollies and your walking shoes.
It was a very enjoyable break away, its just a shame we never got to go inside the castle as it was snowing/raining on the day we were meant to go!

The flight home was awful! There was a really bad snow shower, the take off was delayed while the wings were defrosted! So we left a snow storm and arrived into gale force winds and pissing rain in Ireland, to say the flight was bumpy was putting it mildly! And me not being a good traveller! I was not a happy camper! It was a loooong 50 minute flight for me!

BUT I’m happy to report that it was the only drama of my weekend, which for me is also a miracle! Although I did beep in security and got very thoroughly felt up. But I’m not counting that as been super bad, its pretty normal thing to happen to me!

So I was away from Friday lunch time and got home Tuesday evening. That’s a whole lot of eating our going on there I must admit. I did try to pick the healthy options for breakfast and lunch, and then I had whatever I fancied for my dinner AND I had dessert after my birthday dinner (chocolate Sundae = yummy)

Apologies - Didn't realise the flash wasn't on!

I was back to work on Wednesday and back to my routine. But I managed to try and poison myself that morning! I had the week previous left my cup to steep in bleach to vamoose the yukky black tea stains from the inside of my cup! I cleaned it afterwards and put it back in the press! I never re washed it on Weds morning and made my tea in it!! I thought it tasted funny at first but was thinking it was just me getting used to the taste of it!! I WAS WRONG!
After a quarter cup I felt awful! Stomach going like a washing machine, gagging sensation!! I dumped the drink and scrubbed and boiled my cup after that, but the damage had been done! 
I was so sick all day! Milk kind of helped and I managed to keep down 2 bits of soda bread for my breakfast! But I had to cancel my spinning class for that night!

I was half afraid to eat on Thursday, but by lunch time I was feeling much better! So I was back in action! I done a spinning class on Thursday and Friday evenings and I kept my food super simple, so that it would be gentle on me belly.

So when I hit the scales on Saturday morning , I was more than happy to be down 1lb. I had hoped to be the same after my break away and only 3 good days behind me.
But every good day counts and every meal does not have to be a bold one.
I’m learning slowly, every meal is a challenge, especially when your away, but I didn’t feel deprived when I choose the healthy option.

And I’m rather proud that I managed to loose anything after my holidays, but I’ve proved to myself and everyone else that it can be done.

A wise woman told me recently that all the 1s and 2s don’t be long adding up to stones

So now its back to the grindstone for me.

6lbs  lost, 54lbs to go.... 

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