Thursday, 21 March 2013

Playing with Matte Top Coat

This Nails Inc – Motcomb Street polish I got free with a magazine before Christmas!! It’s a blue/black colour and very inky. The brush wasn't great compared to other nails Inc polish brushes!! 
I found it to be short and thin and not up to the job really!! I ended up with about 3 or 4 coats of this polish on my nails!! You can see from the photos that its all lumpy and poor application by me to be fair!!  
I was over this polish as soon as they had dried!! So I decided that it was my perfect opportunity to test out the new Rimmel Pro Matte Finish that I had purchased during the week (6.95 in my local chemist)

I was trying to be arty and attempted to do a tape mani using the matte finish but unfortunately the black was too thick and lumpy on my nails!! And the whole thing ended up being a disaster! But I said I’d show ye anyways! Its more of a what not to do!! The photos say it all really!!

I decided to paint my right hand all matte since the tape went so wrong on my left hand!! And I kinda liked the blackboard look/ effect. 

Even tho I’m a shiny kinda girl the matte look is kinda cool and I’ll give it another whirl before I make up my mind if its for me!!!  I’ll try this again with a nicer black polish underneath it and report back.
Watch this space........

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