Friday, 29 March 2013

When a Cheat Treat turns into a Cheat Day!

Hey Guys,

What do you do to celebrate after you’ve had a good result on weigh day? Do you go shopping and buy yourself something nice? Do you met the girls for lunch? Do you allow yourself a glass of wine that evening? Everyone has their own version of a “treat” more so after a hard day or a long week! 

For me, I allow myself something nice after I’ve been weighed on a Saturday, so all during the week, I focus on what lovely thing I really want to have as my “treat” on Saturday. Sometimes it’s a cream egg, other times a cupcake with lotsa butter icing with hot lovely tea, maybe a bag of crisps and a can of coke, it varies for me weekly. Some weeks I may be going out or dinner and that would be my treat, other times a trip to the cinema and ice cream would be my “treat”. Sometimes I’ve thought about it and imagined eating it so much during that week, that come Saturday it’s the last thing I want!! Weird eh!!

But I’ve found that since I was sick at the start of the month, that my one “treat” for being good all week has spilled over into a whole day of cheat eating. So instead of eating one of the above I  could easily have all of the above during the course of the day! Its shameful I know but its true!! And I end up consuming more calories in one day then I usually would in the whole week!!

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up about everything bad that I eat, and I don’t to be honest, but the fact is my cheat treat is becoming a cheat day. And if this day were to turn into a weekend, then I’m only fooling myself!
If I was at the maintaining stage, then this would work for me, because I’d spend 5 days eating good and clean and having 2 days off to eat whatever I like.

I’ve been blaming my “lack of routine” at the weekends, but I know that this is a total cop out!! I know that I’m being lazy and reverting back to my old ways and being a greedy guts, but the thing is, once I get a taste for the wrong thing, I get this out of control feeling and I block out my conscience and in that moment, whatever I’m eating is the nicest, tastiest, yummiest thing I’ve ever had and I HAD to have it.
Also at the weekend I find that I can’t have a cup of tea without having something nice with it? Yip, again I thought that this was a dirty habit I had kicked months ago! Funny how during the week I wouldn’t dream of having anything with my tea, but at the weekend, all bets are off and I HAVE to have something. My inner demons have a lot to answer for.
I live by the motto What I put in my mouth is my responsibility. .but sometimes I’m weak!

At the moment I’m on a slippery slope, and I’m writing this because the long weekend looms and all I’m thinking about is 3 days off = 3 days eating PLUS Easter Eggs…
Which is completely the wrong attitude to have towards the long weekend! I should be planning long walks during the days and making plans to see my friends and family, not thinking about what I’ll eat and if I’ll eat out everyday! The warning bells are starting to go off for me. But I’m hoping that because I’m aware of them I’ll fight them a little bit harder.

I do plan to have a small Easter egg over the weekend and that will be my something nice this weekend. I hope that I will stop at that. I’m my own worse enemy at times!

How do you decide what to "treat" yourself too once a week?? I don’t think that my weekly cheat treat should be food related, it should be a magazine, new top or nail polish, Yet it ends up being a slice of cake or ice cream at the cinema or a dirty Chinese!! which are not really a "treat" because its consuming these foods that have gotten me into this position in the first place!!!

For me this is a vicious circle!! What’s your secret to success?


  1. I read somewhere that a "cheat day" actually is good once a week as it keeps your body from storing everything as it knows its going to get it again or something on those lines x

    1. I like the sound of that :) A little of what you fancy is ok as far as I'm concerned, because when I feel deprived I binge and thats way worse!