Monday, 25 March 2013

Week 11 Weigh-in 2013‏

Its that time of the week again!! this week flew for me!! I spent most of the week trying to recover from the long weekend!!

On the Saturday night I went for a 3 course meal with the boy, it was lush I must say and we enjoyed it, we then went to the cinema and I HAD to have something!! So I had a small packet of peanuts!!

On Sunday, it was St. Patricks Day, my day started with a lovely fry up to “line the stomach” before my day out to break the booze ban, we drank and danced and had a great day, so at 2am it was a great idea to have pizza and chips!! I usually just have a bottle of water as eating on top of booze makes me very sick!!

So on Monday I was a wreck! All resolve, good intentions and will power had left the building! I had a toastie for my breakfast, 2 giant Munchies cookies for my lunch with some coke and then had a lovely Roast in the evening for dinner, followed by apple tart and cream.

I was on a self destruction mission and it worked!!

I had 3 bad days over the weekend and then spent the 4 days of my working week trying to make up for being bold!! This is an old habit of mine creeping back in, and although I’m aware of it, I'm finding it very difficult at the moment to fight the urge!!

On Tuesday morning I was still shattered (aren’t two day hangovers awful) I was back to work and therefore back to some sense of a routine! I drank water and herbal tea all day to try and get rid of the yukky bloated and heavy upset belly I was sporting. I felt like I had gained 5 stone over the long weekend. And it was all down to my own self destruction mode!!
I got a few compliments on Sunday while out about how good I was starting to look, and I let it go to my head “I do look good and I am working hard, so I’ll eat this, this and this” You would think that I’d be learning at this stage of my life, but I’m only too happy to fall back into my own little trap, so that when I fail its my own fault!
BUT because I’ve decided this time to make my journey public, I won’t fail! I’m starting to recognise my triggers and I keep getting back up, even when I do fall down!!

So on Tuesday night I attended what I thought was a 50 minute spin class to try and ease my conscience aswell as my bloated belly!!! The class turned out to be half spin and half abs. it was honestly the longest hour of my life!! The emotions I went through in that long long hour!! I started determined, then I got tired, then my hair fell down. Then my nose started to leak, then my foot almost came loose in the pedal, then I was tired and fit to cry, How sorry I was feeling for myself was no ones business!! Yip I was pathetic! BUT I didn’t stop or walk out! I told myself that I deserved to feel this bad and worse because of what I CHOOSE to eat the three days previous, and this was my punishment!! The abs part of the class was extra tough! By the end of that class even breathing was an effort and every part of me ached!!  But I walked out after that hour feeling like I was taking back control of my body. I had the longest hottest shower afterwards and happily crawled to bed, and slept like a log!!

On Thursday, I was still sore from Tuesday night and was signed up for my regular Spin & Abs class. On my way in I met the instructor and she complimented my weight loss and said I was looking well and asked lotsa questions. I was beaming from the praise from essentially a stranger and this got me through this tough class, where I managed my first side plank from the ankles J its defo the small things!!I don’t know why praise from a stranger boosts me so much more than praise from my family, I guess its because a stranger doesn’t have to comment, so its lovely when they do J and it means a lot to me!

And so I was very anxious about the scales on Saturday morning! Would my 4 good days undo the damage of my 3 really bad days???

It was a funny weigh in, but I’ll share it with you. I was down 1 on the scales, down 2lbs in fat and up 2.5lbs in muscle.

My advisor decided not to “give me the 1 pound loss” even tho I was down, but she said that all the exercise on top of the alcohol had thrown my reading off!!

But I decided that I NEED to give myself the 1 pound and a little pat on the back, I know I should have been down more., but I’m not perfect and these things will happen from time to time!!

I’ve been very lucky this week, I probably should have been up!! And I would have deserved it too!!

I’ve been given the target of 3 lbs for next week, (she said she’ll call it 3 if I loose 2  in the next 7 days!!??)

So I’m going to work hard before the next long weekend as I really really want to have an Easter Egg!!

I hope you had a better week and weigh in than me!!

13lbs  lost, 47lbs to go.... 


  1. Ive lost 5 stone and am now a sturdy size 10, im always going yo struggle with my weight as I seem to have to only loook at a bar of chocolate and I gain weight! But now ive worked out a system that helps me keep the weight off, 2 days pig out and 5 days healthy :-) hope you find your motivation. Ps: I would count the pound too lol

    1. Well done on your loss :) AMAZING:) I've 3 stone gone, another 3 to go! Its a life long battle I know! I'm just struggling to find my balance at the moment!

    2. Congrats! It's crazy to look back at the old you, sometimes we do need to have a look in the mirror and praise ourselfs fr the achievement rather then always stressing about what we need to lose next! Xx