Friday, 22 March 2013

Operation Skinnie Minnie update #3

Hey Everyone,

I've just realised with the jigs and reels and dramas of my life for this month, I never did an Operation Skinnie Minnie Progress report!!
I'm afraid I haven't taken any photos of me in lycra this month!! (thank crikey I hear you say, lol)

I did however get dolled up and have a night out, Yip the booze ban has finally been broken :)  I had a ball and it was definatley worth the hangover, so I thought I'd use snaps of my night out to gage the weight loss to date, because after my shrinking violet wrap, I was down 5 inches from all over my body and I feel that me in this dress shows off the loss the best, in particular in the mid region (Can you spot it???? Yip, I've almost found my waist, How exciting is that for me)

Dress = New Look; Cardi = Penneys

Me = Poser

Also one of the girls on Twitter from the #ThinThursday Crew told me about this fab site,, Basically you made an avatar of yourself, you put in your start weight and your goal weight and it gives you an avatar version of your before and after photos. I liked playing with this I must say, and I like how my muffin top has disappeared in my "after pic"
I recommend you give it a shot, either for fun or for motivation

I know my weight loss has been slow, 12lbs in 10 weeks, but its a loss none the less and means that I have a better chance of keeping the weight off long term, which is of course my over all goal.

Fellow bloggers and my twitter pals have been helping me big time and in particular I should give a mention to The Skinny Doll, I recently took part in her 10lbs in 10 week challenge and succeeded, I look forward to her next one to get us ready for the summer :)

I'd love to hear from you and how your weight loss journey is going. I know that having the support of others is what keeps me on the right track.


  1. Fair play to you for completing Skinny Doll's challenge, I was a half pound off! 12lbs in 10 weeks is a fantastic weight loss, you're doing it the right way, slowly and steadily. You look fab x

  2. I am new to your blog. Your defiantly on the right track for long term results. Keep up the good work I look forward to following along.


  3. You are doing brilliantly! Fair play! You look fab! 12 lbs makes such a difference !

  4. Thanks ladies for the kind comments xxx