Monday, 11 March 2013

Week 9 Weigh-in 2013‏

Hey Guys,

I didn’t blog in a week because Moaning Myrtle and Whingey Wendy were in residence and I didn’t wanna bring ye all down just because I was feeling very sorry for my sick self!!!

Its not good news this week I'm afraid. I was up 1lb, and with the week I've had I deserved to be up way more than one pound.

I was sick when I wrote last weeks update, I’d hoped that the worst was over or me but unfortunately it wasn’t. I had a head cold and the fakest sounding cough that you ever heard, but it was cutting the throat off me.

I was eating the usual stuff from my food plan BUT I was having  A LOT of EXTRAS! Saying NO was not part of last weeks vocabulary.
I took the saying “you feed a  cold” to a whole different level. And the strangest part was that I felt no guilt! Usually if I eat something that I’m not meant too, the guilt eats me up and I obsess about whatever extra I indulged in and then go for an extra walk or drink an extra pint of water to try and flush/ burn it off!

However this week the little guilt monkey that has a front row seat in my conscience took the week off! I had cake, biscuits, chocolate treats with my tea -  basically any junk food that was offered and available, I was saying “yes please” because I HAD TO HAVE IT! I ate out 4 times in one week. This was not like me at all!
At the time I genuinely felt like I had to have it!! It was a poor me excuse cuz I was sick,  but I bought into in!

The lack of guilt freaked me out more than anything else. This has never happened to me before, and I hope it doesn’t again! Because it was kinda unsettling to eat this crap and feel nothing! Yes I enjoyed it at the time, but without guilt? It’s a very odd and new feeling to me!

I worked the whole week and the air con at work is what kept me sick I’m guessing! I didn’t ask for time off because I’d taken a day off last week for the funeral, so I suffered on and annoyed my work colleagues with my annoying cough instead!! Sorry guys!! The only pro to having a cough is that I was drinking up to 4 litres of water in the day as well as copious amounts of tea (herbal and the real stuff) The bad thing was that I was shattered by home time each day and so exercise fell by the way side! I managed 2 x 20 minute walks in the week!! (note to self: must do better)

It was a bad week for me. I just want to put it behind and move on. This week I’m feeling much better both body and mind frame.
So I’m not accepting any silly excuses from myself this week regardless of how cold and tired I am (you’d be amazed what I can talk myself out of)

I have 4lbs to loose to hit the one stone mark but also 4lbs away from being the lightest that I can recall in my adult life and that in itself kinda scares the crap out of me but excites me at the same time.

Today I’m wearing a top to work that hasn’t fitted me properly in 18 months, so I’m gonna think about that this week if I feel the urge to have anything extra.
And I’m going to practise saying “No thank you

I hope you’ve had a  better week than me!

10lbs  lost, 50lbs to go.... 


  1. I hope your feeling better i too have had a nasty flu bug, but I had the opposite to you hardly eating and I shed 5 lbs it sounds good but I woke up yesterday morning and nearly passed out! Not so fun good luck with next week xx

  2. Oh poor you!! sounds like u had a nasty bug!! hope your feeling better xx