Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Zoya PixieDust - London

Since I saw the advertising for Zoya's new product Pixie Dust, I've been looking forward to trying these out for myself. Textured Polish's are everywhere at the moment. I've tried out the OPI Liquid Sand before, see photos here

 I really like the look of the bottle, and the colour in the bottle, its all glittery and shimmery.

The instructions say do not apply a base or top coat before using this polish, and it will take two to three coats. 

You really need to let each coat dry before applying another. I used two in these photos and for this colour it was enough

Have a looksy.......



I don't think the photos do this colour justice! Its darker on application than in the bottle, but that's a good thing. And I like the way the glittery bits and catch the light, the camera didn't pick that up I'm afraid.
I like the colour and the shiney aspect.
I'm not a fan of the textured/ sandy feel tho, I'm a high gloss and shiney finish kinda girl, so I'm doing well being on day 3 and I haven't put a top coat over these!! Also there's no tip wear just yet, which is a miracle on my fingers :)
I'm hoping that the taking off process will be easy for these lil beauties. I have another one that I'm dying to try out also :) heehee, cuz one is never enough is it ;)

If you want to get your hands of some of the fab colour from Zoya in Ireland, check out


  1. This is a lovely colour! I have 2 of the Liquid Sands, but I'm dying to get my hands on some of the Zoyas! I have my beady eyes on Chyna and Godiva, but this one is lovely too :)

    1. I never bought the liquid sand cuz i didnlt liek the feel of it on.. This one feels lighter on the nail for some reason. Zoya 1, OPI 0.. lol
      I bought Chyna also... I can't wait to try it out

  2. I LOVE the look of this, really unique and pretty!

    1. its defo unique :) The photos dont do it justice either