Thursday, 2 May 2013

NOTD -Rimmel London Salon Pro- 711 Punk Rock

After reading lotsa blogs with rave reviews about this new polish, I was dying to get my mitts on one of the new  Rimmel Salon Pro with Lycra  for a very long time and check out the high shine for myself. So I decided that 711 Punk Rock was the lucky one that I would purchase. Admittedly I’ve been going a little neon crazy of late, so I kinda surprised myself that this was the colour that kept catching my eye. But it did. I HAD to have it.

There's 22 new shades, 9 of which are formulated with Kate Moss' help and I haven't seen one yet that I haven't wanted. These goes for other brands also I must admit!! Hey, this girl knows what she likes and its polish, lotsa of polish in pretty colours J

This definitely needs at least two coats to be high shine and cover all of my lumpy nail bed! (don’t ask) The brush is great to work with (very similar to Sally Hansen) The polish itself wasn’t gloopy either, it applied easy and wasn’t as messy as others, could be to do with the lycra added to this new line?
I did add a top coat to these, not because it particulary needed it but because it was late and I need my beauty sleep.

I also decided to take photos of this in different lights to show how the Grey kinda changes a little. here we go......

The formulation is spot on and the shine incredible. This promises 10 days chip free wear, I don't usually leave my polish on for that long, but this ended up lasting for 7 days on me, now there was tip wear after 2 days, its unavoidable for me but not a huge deal unless your looking very closely. But it didn't chip until day 7 which is good if you ask me, I then enjoyed helping it to chip even more and then removed the lot.

These cost €6.45, I got mine in Boots along with an Apocolips lip gloss (luv it) and and FREE mascara.. Over all a bargain. .now which will I buy next.. hmmmmmm decisions decisions.
Have you tried any of these yet?

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