Monday, 20 May 2013


Hi Guys,

I bring good news this week, great news even, so I thought I'd share that first before I tell you about my week.
I was down 2lbs on the scales, down 5lbs in fat and up 1lb in muscle. A FANTASTIC result.

After last weeks weigh in, I was off to Dublin to see the wonderful Beyonce. I was aware that being away I tend to make bad choices, so I went away and decided that I would make smarter decisions rather than eating whatever crossed my path. So before we went to the concert, we went for Chinese, I had Chicken Skewers and Chicken Chow Mein, both were very tasty and filling and didn't fill me with guilt or calories.
Plus I then went to the concert and danced and sang my heart out.. Beyonce was AMAZING.. 2 hours and 10 costume changes later, I was a happy bunny. It was  a great day :)
The following morning we went to a cafe for breakfast. I choose the Vegetarian brekkie rather than the full Irish, I even tried Spinach for the first time, and it was nice.. Again I was full and happy and didn't try to steal the boys sausages or pudding (trust me, that's huuuuuge, lol)
Back to work and routine on Monday and my foods stayed on track, I even managed to eat 2 pears most days. So the rest of my week food wise was good

The weather wasn't great this week, so lunch time walks were off the cards! I decided to chance a Rip60 suspension class on Tuesday evening. we had to do 600 reps, so 100 lunges, 100 jump squats, 100 burpees, 100 chest presses, can't think of the others, I may have blanked them out. It was a very tough 50 minutes and I struggled throughout it, but I didn't give up, even though I wanted too. I left feeling like every inch of me had been thoroughly worked out.
I couldn't move on Wednesday, well I could move but very slowly, I went for a walk on Weds evening to try and ease my bones out, I would be walking along fine and then my knees would just wobble and I'd feel like I'm gonna hit the floor! It was a very funny feeling and I was wrecked after the short walk!!
Waking on Thursday I was feeling worse than the precious day, (isn't day 2 always the worst) The muscle ache was awful!! everything hurt, I was feeling very sorry for myself and my achey body!! I had to cancel my Spin & Abs for that evening and take a total rest day!!
Friday I was almost back to walking like a normal person, but my legs were still achey and starting to feel like two lead blocks attached to me!! I was DREADING going to spinning class that night, but I made myself go and it really helped my legs, the standing up sprints were tough and I thought that my legs would go from under me, but thank gawd my legs were strapped in, the instructor done a brilliant cool down and stretch session at the end of the spinning class and it really helped me

So there you have it, I had a tough week body ache wise, but my food was more or less on the ball and I got a better loss than I had expected, so I'm happy.

Oh on the way home from Dublin we stopped off in Kildare Village for a little retail therapy and I treated myself to new runners, aren't they lovely and pink? I had to show you all. They were a bargain too :) Should have been €85, I paid €33.50.. I love them and I also loved the price (heehee)

My aims for next week

  • To keep going as I have been, be more aware of what I'm eating and WHY.
  • Eat my pears and yogurts everyday (this is a tough one for me)
  • Be down 2lbs

17lbs lost, 43lbs to go.... 

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