Monday, 27 May 2013


Hey Guys,
Aren't the weeks flying at the moment!! I had a MEH kind of week. i just wasn't feeling it. I was doing what I always do but I felt the week was long, I was tired, I felt heavy from muscle ache, I was feeling sorry for myself because I was tired and have carpet burns on my elbow (They're small, but hurt!!)
So I wasn't feeling optimistic as I hit the scales this week to be honest! I was just going through the motions.
I was down 1 pound on the scales, no movement on my fat or muscle this week. 
But I'll take it, I thought I'd be the same, so being down at all is a bonus.

My food this week was ok! I had my cheat day on Saturday, I had a cream slice cake and Chinese for my dinner as my treats. I didn't have ice cream with the family after dinner on Sunday! Mon - Fri, I will admit  I was hungry a few days, I was craving sugar! On Tuesday evening I had a French Fancy with my cup of tea! 
on Wednesday night I was again hungry, so I had a cheese triangle (laughing cow light) I don't want to go back to the habit of eating at night or eating junk! Again on Thursday night around the same time, by belly started rumbling, so I went to bed!!  Not sure why I was extra hungry this week! I think I just wanted extras after the exercise and when the muscle ache kicked in I wanted to behave like a spoilt brat and just eat CUZ  I WANT TOO. I'm glad I didn't give it to all the cravings and voices in my head because if I had, I would have done some serious damage and not felt the better for it!! 

The weather has been good this week, so lunch time walks made a come back. I even power walked my mile in the fastest time yet, 15 mins 55 seconds... So I was happy to get my walk time done a little bit faster :) This week I done 2 classes in the gym. Spinning on Monday night. Spin & Kettllebells on Weds night and Spin & Abs on Thursday night.  I found spinning tough this week, when I was doing the sprints, I felt my legs wobble like they were going from under me and I couldn't pedal very fast! On Weds night in spin my leg came out of my strap and gave me an awful fright! its a horrible feeling! Its rare that it happens, hense the fright I got, thankfully I didn't do any damage to myself! 
The Kettlebells part of the class was all new to me! I've avoided trying this because of my back issues! so trying it as a 25 mins class suited me, its tough swinging 8kg bells!! everything ached after 20 mins and my back was starting to come at me! So I don't think that this class will become a regular for me until I'm ready to strengthen and tone but if you are at the stage, then I'd recommend it. I'm terrified that I'm gonna pull my back and be out for 4 months like I was last year!! 
I was achey on Thursday going to Spin & Abs, but it helped to go, it eased out my legs, but my legs couldn't keep up with the sprints again! Its an odd sensation! The abs part of the class was where I picked up my trophy scabs! We were doing 500 variations of the plank and I was slipping on my mat and towel, so I was doing them on the carpet directly! So they're my own fault! But they feckin hurt!! I didn't realise how often my elbows hit my desk at work.. so on Fri at work there was a lotta muttering and cursing coming from my corner!  I was very bad, lol. 

And that folks is the story of my MEH week! Things can only get better eh :) 

If this is my 1lb loss, then I'm happy

My aims for next week
  • To try harder to fight my sugar cravings
  • Be more positive and stop whinging/ moaning
  • Be down 3lbs before the bank holiday weekend

18lbs lost, 42lbs to go.... 


  1. Well done Vicki, keep it up, you're doing great xxx

    1. Thanks chick, starting to see it in myself now and trying to learn to accept the compliments! But it aint easy! As silly as that sounds!!

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  3. It sounds like a great week!!! If we don't cheat we lose our drive to keep on our healthy path! Having a cheat meal here and there is inspiration to work out harder!!! You are doing fantastic!!! Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

    1. If i didnt get a treat at the wkend I dont think I'd have stuck it out this long.. and its not interfereing with my weigh ins so I'll keep it in for now.
      Your doing great yourself xxx