Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tribal Nail Art (attempt)

Hey All,
I decided to try a tribal type design on my nails, I can't get enough of the bright colours at the moment and this gave me the chance to try more than one at a time (score for me)

Not much I can say about these, I tried, it was messy, the base coat was a little too dark once two coats were applied, but I tried and the pink and yellow did brighten them up a little, it just wasn't what I had hoped to do

These were only ok to be fair, buy I think its all trial and error and personal taste when it comes to nails and colours. These grew on me I must say, but I'll defo use a lighter nude as a base coat the next time


  • Leighton Denny - Supermodel
  • Catrice 700 Birdy Reloaded,
  • Models Own Bubblegum
  • Essence studio nails - Better than gel nails top sealer 

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