Monday, 13 May 2013


Hey All,

I hope this post finds you all well. I want to start by thanking all of you that have read my post from last week with all the photos of me over the last few years. (my most read post to date, eeek)
The comments in the post itself and the support through Twitter has blown me away. So thank you to all you lovely ladies and guys. Its nice to know that I’m not alone, when it is a very personal journey that we’re all on. Weight loss and gain has become a part of me and my life but an embarrassing part! And I’ve chosen to go public to keep me on track and it’s the support of all of you that keeps me going at the moment. If I didn’t have to report back every week, I feel like I would have fallen off the wagon a lot more and be sitting in a ditch in my own gluttony right now kicking myself that I have to start over AGAIN!

But I don’t, thankfully and today I have good news to report, well kinda. I hit the scales on Saturday morning and I was down 2lbs. This was the 2lbs that I gained last week. So I’m back on track.
I must admit that I had been hoping for a 3lb lost just so I could say that I got rid of the gain AND lost an extra pound.
BUT 2 lbs is good ESPECIALLY when I had a 3 day loooong weekend and a busy week!  At the weekend I ate out (choose the wrong food, pasta carbonara, yummy but bold) and I think that I spent a lot of time over the next few days burning that off! So I caught myself out with that!

I went to a spinning class on the bank holiday Monday, which was fab after doing nothing all weekend! But I over done it and pulled my back! So I had to take it easy on Tuesday. Wednesday I managed a walk without pain! I decided to chance a spin and abs class on Thursday, I was fine and a full hours spin on Friday evening, this was grand too, well tough, but no back ache or pain afterwardsJ  
So I think it’s the 3 spinning classes that saved me this week and got me back on track

Admittedly I could have been better with my food over the last week. The long weekend in my head means eating out and treats and ice cream!  I was trying to be careful and I ate out on Saturday night, which we  know I picked the baddest thing on the menu! On Sunday, I had a lovely roast dinner in the afternoon, I was going to see Comedian Billy Connelly that evening and to meet friends for drinks. I never ate before heading out, so I was hungry and temptation was around me. I had a bottle of coke and a packet of Rolo’s at the gig and afterwards a few drinks and a pizza slice!!
These things happen I know and it makes me normal and I shouldn’t beat myself up about them! But sometimes it seems like the harder I try to “be good” the bolder I am!
So I was glad on Monday that I had a spin that evening, I did have a bacon toastie for my breakfast, not too bold but yummy and I had a super delicious butter icing cupcake that day too!

4 good days followed the gluttony of my 3 day weekend! But sometimes the good days take longer to undo the damage of the bad days! My weekends should come with a warning label or I should have my jaw wired shut on Sat & Sun!

Thankfully my bad weekend didn’t catch me this week, but it has thought me that I won’t get away with eating like that all the time. Even when I reach my target, I’ll have to be carful and find a balance that works for me. It’s something that I know that I’ll battle with forever. But once I stay in control and positive I’ll win

Here’s to a good week ahead. I’m aiming for a 3lb loss this week.

I hope you had a good result with your weigh in xx

15lbs lost, 45lbs to go.... 


  1. Good woman Vicki, fair play to you for sticking with this and giving it hell, you're doing brilliantly, be proud of yourself xx