Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Photo Diary of ME the Yoyo Dieter

I promised you this photo diary of my journey so far last year in November (Where did the time go) Read it here if you like.

2006 - It was at the end of  this year that my mother joined Motivation weight loss clinic with me because she could see that I was struggling and that I needed help. I did loose a stone and felt great. It was a real confidence. 

2007 - My best friend asked me to be bridesmaid for her wedding, I was thrilled. The 3 of us (my other best friend and the bride) all joined weight watchers  it was a weekly outing for us and we were also walking when we weren't counting our points. 
Around the same time I booked a 12 month working holiday to Australia and had visions of myself going off to Oz being slim and gorgeous! 
But sadly once we got our dresses and they fitted, I fell back into my old eating habits. 
The wedding day came around and the dress fitted.. only just! Its terrible to look at your best friends gorgeous wedding album and only see yourself in a negative way! 

Off I went to Thailand and OZ and diets and eating well were the last thing on my mind. It didn't help I guess that I went with two boys and was happy and well able to eat and drink as much as they did!! (not a good thing, as I now know) but I was on my holidays!! I want to burn every single photo of me from this trip! have a look...

2008 - I came home and I’d gained all the weight I’d lost the year previous and then some!! I was settling into a new job and the weight piled on. 

However, it was a weekend away in December and THIS PHOTO that made me realize that I had a serious problem that needed to be dealt with or else rather than it being for vanity (which it is for me at the moment) it would be a health issue in later life. 

January 2009 – Salsa Slims – this was a 10 week dance class, you were weighed in week one and week ten and the biggest loser won money. They gave you a food diary and the dance class was for one hour every Monday. The rest was up to you. But I guess it brought out the competitive streak in people to win the cash. I lost nothing.

March - 2009 - My friend joined the weight loss clinic that I had been with previously and was doing really well on it. I decided that this is what I would do too.. I joined up, but because I was obese, they put me on a different program to her, which was over seen by a doctor and lasted for 20 weeks. Her program cost her €600 in total, mine was closer to €2,500! We both lost 2.5 stone, which is good. For her this was all the weight she needed to loose and she looked amazing. A new woman with a new wardrobe. I was so happy for her, but envious also.

July + 2009 - I joined weight watchers after the 20 weeks was up in an effort to keep the weight off me for my approaching holidays

But once the holidays were over, I slipped back into my old habits and the weight crept back on slowly!! (doesn't it creep up on you sometimes? Or is that the denial speaking!!) 2 stone of it!

Jan 2010 - I was feeling very low, I heard a competition on the radio to win a 12 week program in a personal training gym. I entered the competition. Got to the final 20 and was interviewed. I didn't win the placement but the gym offered me a discount on joining.

March 2010 – I joined Key to a New You. This was different is everything else I had tried. I had a food plan and diary and weekly weigh in’s but I also had to do 3 x 30 minute personal training sessions aswell as 2 spinning/ core or circuit classes a week. It was very time consuming. But the results were great. I lost over 2 stone

July 2010 - I was in a bad car accident, I had 5 fractured, so I was out of action for 10 weeks, I managed to maintain my weight for those few weeks. But I found training very difficult and slow afterwards. I left there around Nov 2010.

November + December 2010 I left the gym and with that went my routine! In came the cold dark evenings aswell as the tins of sweets for Christmas, and I didn't hold back.. have a look at these!


January 2011 – I knew that after the Christmas break I would need a push, so Christmas week I rang and made my appointment to start with a new private weight loss clinic in January.
The Diet is easy and straight forward. The exercise is 20 minute walk daily. There are no supplements or pills. It’s a lifestyle change, but a realistic one.
I lost 1 stone in the first month of joining. It then took me 6 months to loose the next stone.


MAY 2011


Jan - April 2012 I took a break form weekly weigh in's thinking that I could loose weight by myself! But sadly I couldn't! 

April 2012 I went back to my weekly weigh in's and was back to square one weight wise. I had 3 weddings in May/June, so I had to get back to it. Lost just under a stone.

July - October 2012 - I put my back out squatting incorrectly! I was out of action for 10 weeks! But 2 physio sessions and 15 adjustments with a chiropractor has got me back to being able to power walk on the flat and I was able to enjoy my holidays pain free.

A week on hols and I'm bursting out of my clothes!! 

January 2013 I decided that I would commence with Operation Skinnie Minnie, read all about my progress here and see the photo's of me in my lycra.....
Operation Skinnie Minnie update #1 
Operation Skinnie Minnie update #2

My aim is to hit my target weight this year before my best friends wedding and also before I'm 30.
I've spent my 20's being ashamed and embarrassed of how I look and my weight has held me back in all aspects of my life.
But no more, by putting up these photos, you can see how much of a yo yo dieter I've been

I am a repeat offender but I’m also a fighter and I refuse to give up.

I’m 29 years old,
Height 5ft 8”
Dress size 16


  1. Your story reads very similar to my 20s HBG... I think the thoughts of turning 30 and being over 19st is what scared me the most.

    I'm 8 months on Weight Watchers now and nearly 6st down. I know blogging and writing about it has helped me so much - I know it'll work for you too this time around.

    People on Twitter/FB/Blogs are great and can sometimes be the best motivation/inspiration.

  2. Great post Vicki, thanks for sharing it. I wouldn't say I have four pictures of me over the last 10 years bar wedding ones, I feel like my early twenties went missing because I was too self-conscious to go anywhere or could smell a camera at 100 paces and went the opposite direction. It makes me a bit sad but hey - here's to the thirties! xx

  3. You are incredibly brave for putting these photos up and sharing your story. I yo yo diet as well and it's so frustrating I'm determined to get it right this year because I swing from being saintly to horrific and I need to find a middle ground! Thanks so much for sharing it really helps to know other people find it hard too! And one thing that doesn't chance in the photos is your beautiful face, you're super pretty:)

  4. I am so in awe of your bravery to be so honest. I can't even admit all of my up and downs to myself - nevermind put them on the internet for all to see! Best of luck with it!!