Monday, 6 May 2013


+2lbs this week. There's no way to sugar coat it! I did everything I normally do 3 walks and 3 x spinning classes! But I was away for a night last Saturday, went out for a yummy blow out 3 course dinner and on Sunday morning had a full Irish Breakfast, which was yummy... made me feel sick as a dog and I think I spent the rest of the week trying to burn off those 2 bad choices that I made!!

On the scales I was up 1lb in muscle, 0 in fat (which is good) which leaves 1lb of being up unaccounted for!
So I'm guessing its a left over pound from me eating like a pig last weekend!

These things happen from time to time I know and being away for a night was lovely and great and long over due but me being out of a routine always throws my eating habits out the window too.

For me I see eating out as a lovely treat and instead of choosing wisely I decided to have a blow out. I was conscious of what I was doing and I cared, kinda. But not enough to stop  me from eating all the crap!!

yes I felt awful guilty, super bloated and my belly did not thank me in the days after.. Lotsa hot water and lemon and exercise did help. So I was punished for my badness!

I woke on Thursday morning with a scratchy sore throat and I could feel a head cold coming on (I'm the queen of head colds at this stage, so I can feel the signs!)  Thursday was a looooong day for me and I was hungry too! I went to my spin and abs class hoping that I could sweat the oncoming sickness out of me and get rid of the hunger pangs!! I went to bed early on Thursday night! It was the only solution I had!!

However I felt like crap on Friday, like there was a weight coming down on my head and I had a horrible headache!! If I coulda rang in sick to work, Friday would have been that day! But I didn't, I went to work and did not suffer in silence! I tried a vitamin C drink and it helped a little!
I skipped my lunchtime walk because I knew I would walk to the garage and buy the contents! I was that hungry and feeling sorry for myself!! Yip! I'm a disaster when I'm feeling a bit off! I didn't give in tho!

So I was extra gutted about my weigh in since I went to bed hungry 2 nights in a row!!

I've been advised that I need to start making my own free soup again to use in these circumstances, because I'm not meant to feel hungry like that!

So I'm just gonna put this bad weigh in behind me as a blip and plan better for next week!

I hope your enjoying the long weekend xx

13lbs lost, 47lbs to go.... 

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  1. Don't worry about it, absolutely nothing you can do to change it now so forget about it and focus on this week. I hope you feel better soon, fair play for not going overboard when you felt bad, that's usually when I'd throw in the towel. I think you're a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for, you're doing great! And definitely make the soup. Nobody deserves to go to bed hungry x