Friday, 24 May 2013

Operation Skinnie Minnie update #5

Hey, If you haven’t read my other progress reports, well here’s your chance..   Get clicking….

I know I’m very late with this months progress report, but I thought that since I posted loadsa photos last week from my Gallery of Shame that I ‘d leave the lovely Lycra shots till a later date!
But today is that day.
Since my last post things have been very good for me, I gave myself a stern talking too and committed myself to cop on 100% I think we all need a good kick up the bum at times, I defo did.

I am down 7lbs since my last update (14.04.13) which means that I am down over the stone mark and I’m now officially the lightest I've ever been in my adult life EVER.

Its been a good month for me, I've gotten over my own mental sabotage, I've set myself the realistic goal of being down 2lbs per week, (I've managed this 4 out of the last 5 weeks)
I've changed my hair, my car, got new runners, but best of all my mind-set has changed and I truly believe that I can do this.




Yes I talk the talk ALL THE TIME. But I’m the worlds worse for taking my own advise, oh I can give it out alrite, but I've been slow to believe my own hype just incase I fail!
But the way I feel at the moment, failing isn't an option, the only way is down for me at the moment. I feel very positive in all aspects of my life, I think the sunshine has a big part to play in that too J
I want to eat light and feel light and get up off my bum and go for walks when I don’t have a class booked. You never regret a work out that you've done, and even if its just a stroll rather than a power walk  it’s a lot more than what you’d be doing if you were sitting on the couch.

I know I said last month that I’d take my measurements but I totally forgot! But I have measurements from a body wrap that I had done a few months back, so I plan to use these as my before numbers and next month I promise to give the results out.

In the last week of so I've bumped into people that I haven’t seen for a while and they have been complimentary about my appearance and this has been a huge boost. I’m not advertising what I’m doing, well I tell you guys here, but a lot of my friends/ family don’t read my blog. So they wouldn't know about my careful eating, gym visits and weekly weigh in’s. So its nice to hear it from people that are unaware of my hard work and efforts. Not that I don’t appreciate every supportive word or comment that I receive. I guess I’m just happy that my loss is now starting to show in the real world, rather than just in my imagination and magic mirror, lol. I know that sounds a bit mad!

Apologies for the photos, they were taken after a Rip60 class, so I'm a bit of a sweaty Betty!! I normally try to take these before I go to my classes!!
Also, I never got around to editing these and trying to make them “pretty” but the camera doesn't lie, so your seeing the raw/real photos!

I hope your starting to see results with your weight loss and fitness attempts. I’d love to hear your stories


  1. Fantastic Post! I completely know what you are saying about starting to believe in yourself and listen to your own advice. We can be our own worst enemy but once you learn to master that - nothing will stop you!

    You are doing so well - Congrats on being the lightest you've been in your adult life :)

  2. Wonderful WOnderful results!!! Your doing fabulous!!!!!

  3. Mental sabotage is the worst for me. Seeing a post like this is very encouraging. All about mindset and you've got it! Awesome.