Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weight loss for me = Excuses, Excuses

I'm the queen of putting things off and having a "fabulous" excuse as to why I didn't exercise or why I ate shite on that particular day!!
But there’s no hiding from the scales... dun dun duuuuuuun....

Each time I go for a weigh in I have a pretty good idea whether I’ll be up or down on the scales! Regardless of the outcome, I go ready with lotsa reason excuses as to why I’m up or down.

Up 2lbs  - My excuses
“The weather was crap all week, I got no walks in!”
“I was sick and starving, so I may have had a biscuit or 7,  (nervous ha-ha,) oops!”
“I’m very bloated and constipated, I’d say that’s what it is”

Down 2lbs – more excuses
“I drank LOADS of water”
“I was walking the roads the whole week”
“I’m starting to get into it now”

The same on scales
“I’m stuck!!”
“Maybe my bodies getting used to my food/ exercise routine”

-          The truth in this case usually is that I had a ball Sat + Sun and spent Mon – Fri getting rid of the weekends gain. Hence I’m the same!
Yet I give my “surprised face”  and one of the above excuses!!

Yes I realise I’m only fooling myself, wasting my own money and their time with my pathetic excuses!!!

For me its all about what I put in my gob. They say that weight loss is 70% food and 30% exercise and I’m starting to see that as being true.

Yes exercise makes you feel great, sleep better and my bowel is always happy when I’ve been moving my ass.
But the reality is (well for me anyways) its all about what I do or don’t put into my mouth on any given day, at any given hour!!
and for me, this truly is a daily battle!! “I’m never full” I’ve always been this way.

I have learned a few tricks and some will power along the way. But I still can’t bring myself to leave a morsel on my dinner plate!! Not when I won’t be eating till breakfast again!!
I realise that it sounds like madness and I feel a bit silly admitting it out loud, but it’s the truth. I assume its from as a child we weren’t allowed to leave the table until our plates were cleared and the line about the poor starving children was thrown in for good measure!!  I was always a little food hoover as a child and its never really left me!! I have been trying to “reprogramme” myself and I do sometime have to talk to myself to talk myself down and away from the fridge or the biscuit tin!!! Out loud in fact! I have to say “NO you don’t want a biscuit” and I feel silly but it does stop me 90% of the time from eating the wrong thing at the wrong time!!

My tricks for not eating
·         I tell myself I don’t want it
·         I tell myself I’ll regret it and its not worth it
·         I tell myself I’m not hungry, as I listen to my belly grumble in disagreement
·         I leave the room if others are having “something nice”
·         I brush my teeth
·         I drink herbal tea, (cuz choccie biccies are mank with herbal tea)
·         I paint my nails or attempt nail art over them if they were painted the previous night!

And that’s kind of it. In the summer months, I’d go for a walk and talk myself down from the food. But with the dark evenings, painting my nails will going forward and has been my saviour!
You can’t eat with wet nails after all!! Well I can’t anyways. So you’ll be seeing my nails in a LOT of different colours in the next few weeks.

So there you have it, a few of my excuses and some of my tricks.

Do you have any tips for me? What works for you? I’d love to hear back form you


  1. Oh my God you're me. I can't leave a crumb after me. I almost want to question people that DO leave food after them. I can genuinely eat until I feel sick, hence the large jeans & the constant up/downs. We're all in it together this year, NO EXCUSES ANYMORE! x

  2. I agree, when people pick at their food and say they're full, I'd nearly eat theirs too!! very bold habit!!
    Clearing and licking my plate clean mentality will have to go!! this is our year :) xx

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