Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekly Weigh In Results #1

Hey all,

As you will know from Twitter, I was away for the last few days with the boy :) We went to Dublin to see John Bishop. he was fantastic, haven't laughed that much in ages. Done a lil shopping in Dublin too and stopped in Kildare Shopping Centre on the way home(very hit and miss that place is I find).  It was a fab break I must say.

BUT I had my first weigh in since I went back after my hols (I was up 6lbs) And I was very nervous going in I can tell you, not confidant at all!! So imagine my face when she told me I was down 7 POUNDS.. I could have hugged her :):) I was delighted.

It was a very tough week for me I must say, the sugar withdrawal symptoms were awful! I felt sooooo sorry for myself and deprived. I was cold and hungry and ready to give in at any moment!! But I stuck with it! I knew these feelings and symptoms would pass and I also knew that if I had broken for a slice of toast or a bar of chocolate, then the guilt would have eaten at me. Especially after me ranting and raving and baring my soul last week on here!!
I'm determined this time that I WILL DO THIS.

Last week I got 3 x 20 minute walks in. I've decided that for the time being I'm going to walk on my lunch break, just a quick mile because its dark when I leave work at 5pm; my usual route isn't very well lit, even with my hi-vis jacket and I love plugging in my ipod, pumping up the music and walking away.. But I don't feel safe to do that at the moment. Yes, I'm a nervous Nelly!! So I've decided that for now I'll walk on my lunch break when its dry! and do 2 nice long walks on the weekends in the bright early afternoon.

My mood swings last week were desperate I must say, my family were ready to disown me, I was so narky! A few early nights were what got me and my grumbling belly through and everyone was happy that I was leaving em in peace. I did apologise to them afterwards and now my sugar levels seems to be leveling out, so I hope that I can keep the feeling of being down with me all week to keep me on the right track and that my energy levels and moods will drastically improve.

Hoping my cravings will take a back seat too, which I know from experience will happen in the next few weeks. I just need to think of food as a way of sustaining my body as I get trim rather than always thinking about my next meal as a big deal and thinking "mmmmmm what will I have?"

So week one was a sucess over all, it was worth it in the end, I can't remember the last time I had such a big loss in one week, and it feels good :)

My boyfriend did say that if my mood swings don't improve this week that he will starting bringing sugar lumps in his pockets for me.. Well its better than him avoiding me I guess ;)

I hope that you've had a good week and a good weigh in. I'd love to hear your results xxx

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