Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekly Weigh In Results #3

Hey Guys,

Well I had my weigh in on Saturday morning and I'm kinda upset to report that I was the same on the scales

The past week has been tough for me. I found that I was hungry a lot and cold all the time. (I think the cold makes me extra hungry; not sure if that’s just in my head tho!)
I didn’t eat anything extra (so I thought) and I had a lot of walks and a spinning class. So I was hoping that I would be down on the scales this week!

Everything however was the same!! Weight, muscle, fat… nothing had moved at all L

So the only thing for it was to go through my weeks food diary with a fine tooth comb and see where I had gone wrong.
It turns out I didn’t have one perfect day food wise in the week! There  I was thinking I was being so good and going to bed hungry most nights! Not a happy camper I can tell you.
BUT I’m now aware of the “extras”

·         For instance for my lunch I bought the three pack of weightwatchers tuna &  sweet corn in mayo, 70g tin.
Sweet corn is a sweet veg and hinders weight loss. I did not know that.

·         I had some cheese for my lunch two days. Dairy is not my friend!! It has to go.

·         For one of my dinners I jazzed up my chicken fillet by wrapping it in bacon! This meant I over loaded on protein!! Oops!

·         Another dinner I cooked the chicken fillet in the over in a spice in the bag thingy. Apparently they’re really bad for you. Calorific???

So there was something “wrong” every single day in my food diary last week, and I thought I had been sooooo good and that I’d had a great week.

So I only have myself to blame for being the same on the scales unfortunately!

She told me that in her experience the people that loose the most weight are the ones that stick to the same eating routine, day after day after day!
There was a guy from the clinic that has lost 12 stone since January, so she knows what she’s talking about!

So I’m going to try the plain and same eating routine for this week and hope that I can stick too it (hate having the same dinner every single day, but if that’s what it takes then so be it)

Here’s what I’ll be eating and drinking this week:

8.30am          2 x Weetabix (hot with semi skimmed milk)

9.00am          fill 1 litre bottle of water
                   Make tea (Pu-erh)

11.00am        Pear & Pu-erh Tea

01.30pm        2 x McCambridge Soda bread (toasting optional)
                   Tiny scrap of butter
                   Smoked Turkey (wafer slices)

02.00pm        fill 1 litre bottle of water again
Pu-erh Tea

03.00pm        Pear

05.30pm        Chicken Fillet
                   2 x scoops of mashed potatoes
                   Veg – Cauliflower, Broccoli, Peas & Carrots
                   Gravy (low cal and watery)

Hope ye had a better result on the scales than me this week xxx

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