Thursday, 8 November 2012

Some people!!! grrrr - Others attitudes to weight loss and how they annoy me

Yes a lot of people are overweight and the majority of woman seem to be on a constant diet, detox, health kick. Whatever you want to call it. They start every Monday morning and break on Monday evening because “you can’t watch Corrie without a biscuit, can ya?”

In my experience I have found these people that exclaim that they’re“huge” or feel so “bloated” are not. Its just like they want to give out about something on that particular day!! Or are looking for a compliment. OR they know that your on a weight loss kick and want to be involved and think that wanting to loose 5lbs is the same as needing to shed 5 stone for health issues.

I met a girl in a night club before, hadn’t seen her in a while, friend of a friend scenario, and her greeting was “Hi, Do you think I need to loose a stone?” WTF? What kind of greeting is that? And even if it is a topic up for discussion, then a nightclub is not a suitable venue. A night club is for hitting the dance floor with the girls and having a ball. Not for discussing your previous weeks food diary with a girl who could do with eating the odd burger.

This isn’t the only time this has happened to me! I must have sucker on my head when I go out!

“I feel soooo fat today” one of the skinny brigade said to me on another night out, this wasn’t because (a) she is or (b) she was feeling anything but fab. It was simply because she knew I’d laugh and it off and tell her how great she looks and how I’d love to be able to fit into a dress like hers. Yes I was a sucker for getting caught in these situations!! And was then the girl complimenting and feeding skinny Minnie’s ego!! She would then insist on standing next to me if a photo would be taken. I’ve decided that is because she’ll look even nicer standing next to the awkward fat girl!! But that’s my negativity thinking the worse. It could just be because I’m her best friend for that night because I fed her ego!! Bah!

I over heard lads taking about pulling girls out and one defending the big girls because “big girls try harder” so he’d get more than a kiss from a big girl and may not even have to buy her a drink!! Result he thought. I was not impressed but it opened my eyes. For a long time after that I wouldn’t give guys in clubs the time of day for fear that they thought I was an easy target. A ten to two girl, I am not. Nor will I ever be! But that’s a different topic entirely.

The different attitudes and lack of support you get from these people are truly an eye opener. You expect small children to point and stare but certainly not your peers and so called friends.
And the fact that guys are literally pouncing on the “easy prey” of big girls on nights out!!! Well it leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

So now I’ve started to wise up to these people who seem to be drawn to me. If they ask inappropriate questions. I tell them to speak to a professional at weight watchers or shrug and say “I dunno” yes, I have an opinion, but I’m out to enjoy myself, not to counsel others insecurities. I’ve enough of my own.

Just because I am actively trying to loose weight and get fit, does not give people the right to ask me how much do I weigh or what’s my dress size is. I don’t think a guard would ask you those questions! So why do some people cross these boundaries and feel its ok to ask you those questions? Just because they freely tell you that they weight 8 stone, does not mean that you have to divulge back. But people are very put out when you don’t “share”

Have you even fallen victim to these kinds of people? I’m pretty sure we all know AT LEAST ONE of the above.
I just need a rant today!!! grrrrr

PS. The photo of The Hulk suits me mood today GRRRRRR
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  1. I'm stalking your posts today. But I've had 2 of these very specific people: One went to WW with me & used to ring me up on weigh-in day and moan about how she was sure she'd be up & she was so miserable, then that'd put me in woeful humour, I'd think 'feck it', and eat and then I'd be up. She was constantly going on about bingeing, and 'how alike we are' when I'd be trying my best & she'd be talking about her bloody penguin binge and she'd be DOWN weight? Yeah. Cut that particular 'friend' out. Another one proclaimed last week "I'm joining the gym, just to tone, because I got back down to 7 stone over Christmas, I'm back in these jeans, I don't know how, because I ate sooooooo much crap" and proceeded to shove her arse in my face. Stopped answering the phone to her too actually... /rant!

  2. Its awful to think your so called friends are trying to sabotage your good work to make themselves feel better!! friends like that you can do without!!
    Its like when we were at school and people would claim not to have studied for an exam and you'd be relieved cuz you only did a few hours and then you find out your friend got an A cuz they did in fact study their asses off!! i used to feel like such a mug!!
    But we live and learn!!
    Good For you for "cutting" these people, unfortunatley it has to be done from time to time. we need positive and supportive friends, not toxic ones!