Monday, 5 November 2012

MUA nail constellation -LEO (*picture heavy post*)

MUA nail constellation -LEO
When I saw UK bloggers reviewing these nail art beads. I knew I had to have em! But we don't have a SuperDrug here :( boo hoo!! So I asked my cousin could she check her local Superdrug for me.. and guess what?? :):) I got 2 little beauties in the post. I was so excited, (see how easily pleased I am)

MUA nail constellation -LEO

So I had a pamper me day yesterday, and decided to try one of these out. My nails are still in bits from picking off my gelish/shellac french paint (awful it was and now I'm paying the price)
So I'm using OPI nail Envy the last 2 weeks to try and fix them.  So I started with 2 layers of Nail Envy, followed with 2 layers of my purple from my Halloween Jewel top set (using this colour A LOT lately)

Here are the cute beads, thease are called "Leo" The colours are stunning in this tiny bottle.
The purple with the green really go well together and just work, the colour "pops" too I think over my purple base.

MUA nail constellation -LEO
Heres the before pic.... I almost forgot to take one!! oops

before - see I almost forgot!!

Before I began, I got out a little bowl to catch the sprinkles off the beads. I then painted one nail at a time with the purple, and shook the bottle over my nail, I then used a cuticle stick to move and push down the beads. This took me about 30 mins to do all 10 fingers.
I shook the bottle over each finger for my left hand and then for my right, I decided to use the excess that was in the bowl, so I again painted one nail at a time and dipped it into the bowl and then used the cuticle stick to push down.

Once I had all my fingers done, I sealed it over with Seche Vitae top coat.
I liked these so much that I took LOADS and LOADS of pics, the photos don't do the colours justice and everyone that I've been waving my hands in front of (I've been doing that a lot today!!) have admired them.

All 10 talons

They look good enough to eat and are so shiney. The only thing is my nails feel very thick and I'm very aware of them and the urge to pick them off is unreal!! I don't think my family and friends will thank me when they're picking lil beads out of their carpets and cars for the next few weeks. These really are teeny tiny beads!

I kept taking pics of these, so this post is mostly of photos, lots of em. Have you tried these? what did you think? I didnt manage to put the excess beads back into the bottle, but there's plenty more, so I'm not too worried on this occasion :)

Can't wait to try its sister next time :)

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