Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Weight Loss (my thoughts)

Before I started this blog, I used to (and still do) read and follow a lot of others, mainly beauty and nail art ones. But if a blog topic catches my eye, then I tend to be drawn back for more.
((I find the subscribe by email option dead handy, as when I check my emails I can see at a glance what the topics of the day are. This is handy when your checking emails on your phoneJ ))
When I was searching through blogs I was looking for blogs about weight loss. It’s a personal issue of mine and one that I’ve been struggling and trying to deal with for the last few years (well all my life if I’m honest) I didn’t find many Irish bloggers to be discussing the topic ( I found 2, if you know of any I’d love to check them out.)

I found A LOT of American weight loss blogs and read a few but found that I couldn’t relate to them in the way that I had hoped. I was looking for someone of similar age, situation and with a connection that I felt I could relate too. I do like a story, although not a sob story!! (Xfactor can keep those.)

I was looking for some one I could encourage and egg on, check out their progress and think “if they can do it, so can I” It might sound a little silly, but I thought that there would be more people talking about this topic online or blogging about it.

I love in January when Operation Transformation goes live, these are real people publically battling with their demons, you’ve got to respect someone that will stand on a scales in front of the whole country. I think the Biggest Loser is amazing (UK,US and Oz ones) how they loose so much weight so quickly!! But I guess in that house all they do is exercise and calorie count.
Fat Families is another that I used to watch. It really highlights that children mirror their parents so when the parents say they don’t like vegetable, the children assume that they don’t either!!
"You are what you eat" was another that I used to tune in regularly for, (bar the poo dialysis)

Anything weight related on the TV and you can be sure that my sky box is set to record and on series link. You get to know these people and you can feel the emotions on weigh in days for them. I find them really motivating and addictive.

I just had a google of “Irish weight loss blogs” and beside finding one blog which stops mid 2011 and belong to an American lady who put Irish in her blog name! All that comes up are gimmicky diet suggestions, weight loss clinics who guarantee you’ll loose 5stone in 5 weeks and it’ll only cost you a kidney or articles from Irish newspapers with the breaking news that the majority of the country is overweight!
I must admit tho that I have been a sucker in the past for trying the latest thing with regards to weight loss.

You name it, I’ve probably tried it. Pills, patches, milkshakes, supplements, tea, gyms, personal trainers, point counting, salsa dancing, step aerobics, spinning. Well everything except The Cabbage Soup Diet because even the smell of cabbage makes me queasy!! YUK

But yes, My name is Vicki and I'm a  yo-yo dieter. Now its out there and I can't take it back.

What I’ve learned (the long and hard route was taken to this) is that “Eat less, Move more” is the key to success.
No body can do it for you, unfortunately. But when you work hard and see the results its worth it.
Nothing taste as good as slim feels.

Yes I’m talking in clich├ęs, but that doesn’t make any of the above less true.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to be the person to blog about this and keep you posted on my efforts as I continue on my journey to loose weight and get out of the obese category.

I just want to be comfortable in my own skin, I don’t think that that’s a bad thing?

If any of you have tips, suggestions or know of inspiring blogs that I can check out, leave a comment or email me on happybubblegal@gmail.com


  1. Hey Vicki - thanks for stopping by my blog and following along! I know what you mean about most blogs (weight loss related) being American - but I don't think it really matters where we are all from - we all seem to have the same struggles - I'm in Scotland and follow mostly American blogs (but then again I LOVE the USA!) lol - Love how honest you are in your blogs! I'm the typical yo-yo dieter too - but I hope I can once and for all beat this mentality! We can do it!! Look forward to reading more from you and following your journey!!

    Eve xoxo

    1. Hi there, I like the blog too, I'm from USA. this blog is amazing. I myself own a forum and it's about weight lose check it out and leave a comment. www.weightlossbubble.com

  2. Hi Eve, I didn't mean it in a bad way that its mostly American Bloggers. I guess I was just surprised by the lack of them closer to home!! The majority of us are affected and I thought there'd be more of us!! I guess not everyone ones to face up and fix it like we do pubically!!
    I'm hoping that by blogging I'll almost shame myself into sticking with it!! I feel very determined this time tho, something feels different but right :)
    I'm luving your new blog (I'd a peek at the old one too:))
    Your header and button are very cute. Mines a work in Progress.. We'll get there tho :) xxx

    1. Check out my forum and be a member and I'll check your blog often. let me know if you want a few weight loss articles I wrote myself. it's all unique. I have a forum so I have no need for them. my forum is www.weightlossbubble.com