Friday, 9 November 2012

NYC Boundless Berry & Nails Inc Glamour Glitter‏

Happy Friday JJ I hope you all have the Friday feeling.

This week I’ve been keeping my nails plain and simple! They’re still not right from my disaster gelish/ shellac experience!
But I’m happy to report that OPI nail envy does seem to be helping things along.
So I started with two coats of Nail Envy on my fingers, then two coats of NYC Boundless Berry, (it probably could have done with a third coat tho)
But isn’t the purple lovely? It’s very autumny/ christmassy I think. A winner in my book.

Now this week I may have bought the same magazine 4 TIMES!
BUT with good reason, Glamour magazine was giving away Nails Inc polishes. 10ml bottlesJ and they were all lovely. So I bought all 4!! No guilt over here. 4 Nails Inc for 12yoyo’s. That’s a bargainJ

I decided to test out my glitter one first, its soooo pretty, even in the bottle Nails Inc Glamour Glitter‏ is very eye catching, the pics don;t do it justice. I just done one finger on each hand! (it was getting late and I was tired!! story of my life lately)

I finished off all my fingers with an Essence quick dry top coat (I’m trying to be good and used up the ends of all my old bottles this month)

Its day 3 today and I can see some tip wear, but its not hugely obvious. I reckon I’ll get another day or two outta these.
Enjoy your weekends. I’m off to Dublin for a gig and some shoppingJJ

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