Monday, 14 January 2013

2013 - First weigh In

Hey Guys,

Well I went to face the scales on Saturday morning and the official line is that my post Christmas weight is 3lbs up.

Now in my own mind I know this should be a lot higher for me! I ate my way through the Christmas! I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth.

I knew that I was due back on the scales and so instead of eating all my “last suppers” up until I hit the scales, I decided to cop on and get back on the wagon myself, and so I started with my sugar withdrawals last Monday, and I definitely think it stood to me, I reckon the scales would have been singing a different tune had I not had 5 fab sugar free days before I hit the scales on Saturday.

But you know what I was glad to get back to a stricter and healthier way of living, I missed exercise, even though my first few spinning classes almost killed me!!

The fact that over Christmas I had no routine and wasn’t watching or tracking everything that went into my mouth, I felt awful, bloated, tired, grumpy, slack, no energy, constant tiredness.
I was the evil/ awful twin of myself and no one likes that witch!! All the treats that I had been looing forward to having over the break no longer felt like a treat to me and all the eating out had me craving a nice simple home cooked dinner!!
I started to miss vegetables and exercise? What the heck? But I think more than anything I missed my routine and habit. I’m a simple creature, I like my creature comforts and I like my routine. Not a huge fan of change!! Yip I realise I sound 80 and Yes that makes me boring, but I like it and it works for me and feck the be-grudgers.
Also eating 4 Roses for breakfast is not a fair substitute for Weetabix and is just wrong!

I spoke with my adviser on Saturday at my weigh in and she’s suggested that I aim for 2-3lbs a week, yes its slower but its manageable and it will mean that I will keep it off too. So she has told me that 8lbs a month should be my goal, I’d love to jump the gun and say no I want to loose a stone each month, but she’s the professional and knows what she’s talking about so for now I’m gonna work as hard as possible to get fit and slim.

So for this week I’ve gotten organised, I spent Saturday afternoon buying my bits in Aldi and making mushroom soup. I’m sorted for my lunches as the weather is due to take a dive to the minuses and the cold is a trigger to “poor me, I’m starving mode” So prevention and forward planning is my friend, the soup will fill me and heat me up. Its also very low calorie wise, so  you can have a nice big bowl
I’ve also bought kiwi’s for this weeks 11am snack, just to take a break from the pears.

In a moment of madness I also rang and booked myself in for a spinning class for tonight. I pre- booked in for Tues & Weds this week. So hopefully upping my spins from 2 to 3, I’ll see a difference, I also plan to walk on my lunch, if nothing else it eases out my bones from the spins, and gets me out of the office for 20 minutes.

So that’s my plan for this week. Have you made a food and exercise plan for the week ahead? I’d love to hear your plans/ advise/  suggestions??

***On a personal note, my boyfriend has booked us a weekend in Edinburgh as my Birthday surprise J eeeek J that is 3 weeks away, so that’s my personal goal for now.. work hard, so I can enjoy my weekend away J aren’t I a lucky girl, takes the sting outta turning 29… well kinda!! lol

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